Fans give Deshaun Watson a ‘passionate reaction’

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Brown’s decision to trade midfielder Deshaun Watson sparked mixed reactions from the team’s fans. Some loved it, despite the off-field issues. Some hate it, given the issues off the field.

And there were no negative signs on Saturday in the first public practice of a bootcamp. As explained by Mary Kay Capote of Ordinary Cleveland dealerWatson received an “enthusiastic reception” from fans who attended the session.

Watson was enthusiastic. He stayed up long after training to sign autographs, take pictures, sign his cleats and give them to two kids who beat him in a game of rock, paper, and scissors and came out in his socks.

That doesn’t mean some of the team’s fans have become unconcerned about the arrival of a man who has faced 24 lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions. (Twenty of them have been settled). It just means that none of those fans attended training on Saturday, or none of them felt comfortable turning an inherently positive event into something that even includes a hint of protest.

Regardless, the passage of time tends to make the worst of things a little better, especially since the terrible start to summer (from a PR perspective) has led to a three-day hearing that appears to have been much better for Watson than anticipated and the month of no developments, which is even better. Much more than a month of bad developments.

Now, everyone continues to wait for Judge Sue L.’s decision.

For now, all Brown can do is prepare for the first week, which happens regardless of whether Watson is around and for how long he won’t.

“I can’t wait to get here [play with him in games]In what week do we see it,” David Ngoku told reporters on Saturday. “Hopefully, sooner rather than later.”

This is the basic truth for players and fans who do not care about these allegations. All that matters is getting one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL on the field. Until they know how long he will be absent, the focus continues to prepare for the upcoming matches.

“We have to take every day as it is,” Ngoku added. “No matter who we have, we have to do our best and keep working.”

They will keep working while they keep waiting. It shouldn’t be much longer than that. Then again, surprisingly, it took so long.

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