Fairport golfers Connor Kell and Harper Dittmann win RDGA Junior titles

Conor Kell and Harper Dittman have a few things in common.

Both are rising golf stars for the Fairport squash team. They each even won their first junior championship in the Rochester-area Golf Association last week at the Wildwood Country Club in Rush.

Kiel and Dittman also shared the same thoughts on what they have improved the most for recent golf titles. It had nothing to do with their fluctuations. Both golfers credited their recent successes in their mental game, from the NYSPHSAA Championship, to the RDGA.

“I’m getting better at it,” Keel, 16, said. “In the past few years, I’ve screwed up myself. Now I’m able to turn it around. I won’t let a bad shot affect me.”

“The only thing my coach helped me work on was my mind game,” said Dittmann, 13. “I’m proud of how much he has improved. I used to recover slowly after bad holes.”

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Fifth Division officials consider Kiel and Dittmann to be a rising star. Both golfers applied to the high school state championships last season, and will return to Fairport as All-Greater Rochester options.

Kiel overcomes ‘shaky’ ending

He led Kiel early on his way to winning the boys’ title.

The rookie Fairport junior used four birdies to shoot 72 over par in the first round. He hit his driveway and stayed out of trouble. Tuesday, though, was “shaky” for Kiel. He had two birdies, but a triple bogey on the third hole helped runner-up Tyler Stark catch up.

With his strong mental game, Kiel put his nerves aside and played well the last 15 holes. He finished the second round with a four-over-75, by hitting a “huge” birdie on 17 to take the title by one-handed at five-over-147.

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