Etisalat New York Jets 07/31/22

Good morning, Green Nation gang! After four days of training camp and now we have a day off. Quinnen Williams left the field yesterday with a throat injury, but luckily he didn’t think it was serious. The Jets have actually had a remarkably calm vibe thus far. No serious injuries, no serious off-field hoaxes, no one calling for a trade, no serious contract drama, no disabled people, no serious illnesses, nothing. It has been a huge blessing so far. Hopefully the good luck continues and the Jets will enter the season relatively healthy and drama-free this year. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Here are your links to the New York Jets this glorious Sunday in July:

Randy Lang – I’ll Flip You For It: CB Seuss Gardner Sees Planes ‘Building a Fraternity’

Randy Lang – John Franklin Myers and friends prepare to assemble a full season of defense

Jack Bell – Jets Rookie WR Garrett Wilson: ‘I Want to catch every Thrown My Way’

Ethan Greenberg – DJ Reed, Garrett Wilson Show Fans Get Back Together on Saturday

Zach Braziller – DJ Reed returns 100 yards from INT while training Jets

Zach Braziller – Jets’ Gardner Sauce Is Really Feeling Much Better Since Draft

Steve Serby-Braxton Perius streams into Gates’ junior class: ‘Influential Players’

Brian Costello – Robert Saleh of Gates waiting to mix Gardner sauce into the starting line

Zack Braziler – Robert Saleh ‘Jets’ worried about helmet shells

Rich Semeny – New York Jets coach Robert Saleh says he’s worried about using new protective helmets

Jim Cerny – Jets news: Fiery Robert Saleh faces NFL-mandated ‘Guardian Caps’ during training camp

Max Goodman – New York Jets RB Michael Carter strives for greatness as bootcamp begins

Paul Eisden Jr. – WR Irvine Charles Emering at Gates Camp: ‘Guy Has Real Talent’

Michael Obermüller – Newcomer Richard Davis’ plane “turned up” early at camp

Paul A. Esden Jr. – Austin Walter, former aircraft maker, signs new deal with Raiders

Paul A. Esden Jr. – Jets Rumors: Duane Brown connected as ‘Ideal Fit’ by Insider

Glenn Naughton – Huge investment in wide receivers about to start paying dividends?

Branden Boucras – Consistency is key: Zach Wilson looks forward to year two

Kristen Wong – NY Jets LB CJ Mosley thinks playoffs are a ‘realistic goal’

Jameson Zleit – Which New York Jets rookie will make the most impact in 2022?

Nick Woogton – 3 Notes from Day 4 of New York Jets Training Camp

Mason Smoller – New York Jets 2022 Training Camp Amongst Fans

Ryan Moran – New York Jets General Motors Joe Douglas Reduce wasted cover space

Here are your missed calls from yesterday.

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Will John Franklin Myers have over 6.5 sacks this season?

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