Eagles QB Gardner Minshew lived on a bus outside their local gym in the off season

The Gardner Minshaw legend has grown even more this season.

Since February, Minshew has been living outside a renovated prison bus and parked outside various locations he visited and coached at all times out of season. So he withdrew To the Philadelphia Eagles training camp on the bus. Minchu detailed his journey in a lengthy Instagram video, showing off his deck bus that has plenty of ’70s flair including a lava lamp, curvy white pillows, and album covers lining the walls.

“I just love the freedom it gives me,” Minchiu said. “It gives me a place to come and focus,” he said. “I live in the gym, I eat, I sleep, I shower here. Everything. It’s kind of my little island here. I love it.”

Hey, at least he wasn’t living in a truck near the river.

Mincio said he mostly parked the bus outside coach Anthony Tombarillo’s gym in Bonita Springs, Florida, so he could spend as much time working out as possible. He plugged the bus into the gym’s electricity to power his fridge, air conditioner, and stove, and showered outside and used the gym’s bathroom.

As for his workout routine, Minshew would get up and make breakfast inside the gym before starting his workout at 7:30 a.m., according to ESPN’s Tim McManus.

“Hey, I don’t know any coach in the country who can say their professional athlete stopped on a bus and was eating, sleeping, living in the gym 24/7 and prepping for the season,” Tombarillo said. “…just overall he’s stronger, he’s faster, he’s ready to go. This is the best version of Gardner Minshew for sure.”

Not only did he maximize Mincho’s practice time, but he also learned to play guitar and read books like “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” by Hunter S.

Minshew is a great story, but his role in The Eagles still serves as Jalen Hurts’ backup. Although there was a point during the 2021 season where some questioned if Minshew would be a better option after starting on hurting Hurts and crushing the New York Jets, the Eagles seem to be committed to Hurts for the foreseeable future. Minshew completed 41-60 passes in 2021 with 439 yards, four touchdowns and one interception in four games last season after being traded from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

But that didn’t stop Menchu ​​from trying to get better.

“When most guys are traveling to different islands and things like that, he literally lives in the back of a bus outside his gym and throws three times a week all year long,” said Denny Thompson, Minchiu’s personal quarterback coach. “So I think it’s just a commitment to: This is the grind I want, this is the lifestyle I want and I want to make it all about the ball. And that was the feeling the bus had: This isn’t the luxury of a stay. 100% on football.”

However, Minshew is ready to leave the life of the bus behind as he heads off to training camp and the 2022 season. He put the bus up for sale for $25,000 and “I just want to see it in a nice, loving home.”

Gardner Menshaw is living his best life. (Photo by Greg Fayum/Getty Images)

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