Cubs and Giants reportedly talking about trading Dixon Machado (Update: Trader on Raynel Espinal)

Update 2: The deal is official, and the Cubs take back the right minor league Rennes Espinal once again in the deal. As expected, it’s not a significant return – in fact, it’s close to the Dixon Machado equivalent!

Espinal, 30, (like Machado) has seen no success in a small amount of big league events (like Machado), but has generally been useful in Triple-A (like Machado). Espinal has been mostly with the Yankees over the years, and despite his success on the top minors – some good sides too – he never got the chance to play for the big league team. Then pandemic season happened, and when baseball returned, Espinal signed a minor league contract with the Red Sox, where he was again strong, albeit not amazing, at Triple-A. He’s been with the Giants’ Triple-A this year, and hasn’t had as much success (5.29 ERA, 5.51 FIP – big hits, lotta walks, lotta homers).

Basically, the Cubs are getting a guy they can look at Triple-A – maybe eat some innings there after all the deadline maneuvers are shaken – and they have their first crack at signing a new minor league deal after the season if they think they can work with him. In other words, the Cubs got an early crack at one of their many reclamation projects. Sounds like he’s right on a deal like this.

Good luck to Dixon Machado the rest of the way, and happy to see him get his new shot in the big leagues.

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Update: The trade is officially happening, Per John Morosi. So far we are waiting for the details. Again, I’m not expecting much of a return for Cubs, because Machado wasn’t coming to Cubs, the league’s post-season free agent, and he’s a deep man. However, this is a great opportunity to do something good for a player who has earned some time in the major leagues. Being an organization that is properly run by these little free agents will help Cubs continue to be able to sign preferred free agents in the minor league.

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The timing on this, and how it happened, is a little awkward, but the Chicago Cubs are in a position to help the San Francisco Giants right now. So they might work on a little trade.

Here is the report:

Whats dealing with that? Well, remember, last night the Giants Shortstop Thero Estrada pulled Mark Leiter Jr. out of his head, and he may have suffered a concussion. The Giants are woefully lacking in short stopping points at the moment – Estrada was filling in for injured Brandon Crawford – and the Cubs happen to have an extra chance there at Triple-A Iowa at Dixon Machado. If Machado isn’t going to catch a look in the Cubs’ second half, he deserves a chance in the big leagues – so maybe the Cubs and Giants can coordinate to make it happen.

Like I said, it’s a bit embarrassing that it was the pitcher of the Cubs that dunked the giant jumble that now makes the giants have to trade for a short pit stop from the Cubs. that happens. Nobody’s fault. But it is strange.

Machado, 30, shoots .312/.402/.394/121 wRC+ in Iowa, while playing an outstanding defense. He’s not on the 40-man roster, and he’s out of the minor league options, so it was tough to keep the Cubs anyway. If they can get something in return from the Giants right now, I’d say jump on it.

bonus? It’s nice to be able to bring a guy to the big leagues after you signed him to a minor league deal. It might help the next time you’re trying to sign a guy with multiple options in a free agency for the minor league – “Hey, we can help you get back to the big leagues, even if he’s not with us.” It’s just a nice way to be.

Don’t expect this to be a big deal, but it can be somewhat fun. Or it could be almost nothing. stay tuned

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