Conor McGregor compares Nunes and Peña to the rivalry between Nate Diaz

Conor McGregor is amazed at the similarities between Amanda Nunes’ rivalry versus Juliana Pena and his rivalry with Nate Diaz.

McGregor, a former two-division UFC champion like Nunes, couldn’t help but marvel at the outcome of Saturday night’s UFC 277 main event after she defeated Nunes Peña in a unanimous decision not only to avenge her loss last December, but also to re-claim her status as a second-tier champion .

McGregor thinks the Nunes-Peña streak is a lot like his counterpart against Diaz.

“It’s crazy to me the similarities between last night’s women’s World Heavyweight Championship rematch with Diaz fights,” McGregor said. Twitter voice. “No. 1, Highly Promoters, Sports Goats, Anna and Amanda Nunes — absolute toughness, willingness to fight, but caught off guard.

“I took a few shots, I gave a few shots, I ate a few shots, but then the tide turns (and) chokes on. Now the match is back, the confidence on the other side, the persistence, the toughness, all that’s still there. More focused work on Amanda Nunes’ side …

At the end of the original match (with Diaz), ‘I’m not surprised by the contestants. Then again, ‘I’m not surprised you guys.’ Juliana said it.

And then (the Nunes-Peña rematch) goes exactly the same way in the second fight (like my fight with Diaz). Dropped a few times, just better prepared, cracks with shots, dropped a few times, (but) the toughness is still there , still on Amanda’s face, (Daz) still on my face. Some fights are iconic mixed martial arts bouts. Amanda is a double champion, I’m a double champion. I’m not surprised, I’m not surprised. I don’t know. It’s a crazy sight.”

Just like Nunes and Peña, McGregor and Diaz are tied 1-1 in their fighting streak.

Diaz beat McGregor in their first encounter, putting him away from his naked chokehold at UFC 196 in March 2016. It was a huge surprise. The same thing happened in Nunes’ first encounter with Peña. She was introduced by ‘Venezuelan Vixen’ in the second round in a massive shock to the mixed martial arts world.

In the second matches, McGregor and Nunes will continue to make decisions. MacGregor referred to Diaz in the majority decision, and Nunes dominated in a unanimous reading. Similar results, but with the only difference being that Nunes battles were for gold, and she was undoubtedly more dominant than McGregor in the rematch.

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