Chemistry is half the battle, says Jason Tatum of the Celtics. Is he throwing a hint about a proposed trade-off between Jaylene Brown and Kevin Durant?

It’s not uncommon for NBA front-office executives today to look for the most talent they can get through free trades and agencies, and later discover a fit between players. She believes a team is very close to Kyrie Irving’s experience, as the Boston Celtics might be a little more cautious with such an approach, however that team finds itself in the news due to rumors the Celtics may be interested in swapping Boston winger Jaylen Brown for veteran star Kevin Durant From the Brooklyn Nets.

Celtics striker Jason Tatum has found himself asking directly and indirectly about such a deal, and he’s been wary of late with his words. But asked by a reporter at his annual pro camp how hard it was to find the kind of chemistry that helped Boston win and keep two NBA titles, Tatum didn’t mince words.

Chemistry is half the battle. Producer Duke suggests a great team with great talent, and they don’t have to be good together” Across NBC Sports Boston. “Guys… we found out in January, and we’ve never looked back.”

It can be hard to read between the lines in situations like this, but at least from where we’re sitting, the Celtics star doesn’t seem to be looking to mess with what has been working so well for Boston.

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