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WASHINGTON — The Cardinals have built up a reputation and rigged the last rosters by turning potential clients into players who are traded months or even years before the final season of dominating contracts. They did so with current corner players, Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado, and left players Jason Hayward and Marcel Ozuna.

Now they’re looking into doing it again – with one important difference.

The temperature is hotter.

This summer’s trade deadline brought interests such as Washington quarterback Juan Soto and a few bowlers, opportunities the Cardinals usually explore in the winter. This timing changed the calculus of doing business.

“Obviously, there are names being discussed out there that are, arguably, somewhat unusual given the years of control, (and) I agree that this is rare,” said John Moziliak, head of baseball operations. “Finding a meeting of minds on something like this is going to be complicated because you can’t look at the past or the previous market and say what is fair. … That kind of player has not moved (in July). I think what we are seeing is that the date market The final trade is probably the best chance for the highest return. In some cases, it may be the least rational.”

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The Cardinals made their first deal in Saturday’s deadline period by sending short-lived Edmundo Sosa to Philadelphia in exchange for minor league pitcher, Jojo Romero. The impetus for the move was to clear a place on the roster for the return of former All-Star Paul Dejong from the palace. DeJong has officially been added to the roster in time for Saturday night’s start against the Nationals. Sosa was out of options and the Cardinals knew they couldn’t pass him through concessions without a team taking him.

The Cardinal had discussions about Sosa with several teams, including the New York Yankees, before turning Saturday for a pitcher with options that could give left-handed depth in the AAA class. Romero, 25, is a heavy thrower and has an excessive ground ball.

It is designated a Class AAA Memphis.

In addition to maintaining contact with the Nationals this weekend about the best available player on deadline — 23-year-old Soto — the Cardinals are in constant conversations with teams listening to offers to start bowlers before Tuesday’s 5 p.m. deadline. They are striving for roles, and their need for at least one start is dire. Lefty Stephen Matz will undergo tests on Monday for a tear in his left knee. While the team hopes Matz can avoid surgery, Moziliak acknowledged that it was “very, very difficult to get him back this year”. Mozeliak said there is a “small” chance.

Fellow junior Jack Flaherty (shoulder) may not be back until September.

To fill the spinning gap, the Cardinals had discussions with Oakland about right-hand man Frankie Montas. Sources confirmed that they have also had talks with Houston about right-handers and Breeze, Illinois, native Jake Odorizi. They at least internally discussed Nathan Evaldi’s Boston Right and Noah Syndergaard of Angels.

The last two are two-month rentals. The first two fit the new look with Deadline, especially Montas. Pablo Lopez of Miami would be similar if available. One of the best bowlers available, Montas, 29, has another year of grip on his contract before becoming a free agent, so the earning team will field him twice in the playoffs.

The price of a pitcher just above Montas was revealed Saturday night when Seattle acquired Cincinnati ace Luis Castillo. Like Montas, Castillo is in control until 2023, and the Mariners paid a premium for more than rent. The Reds got four prospects in return, including Seattle’s best player, Noelvi Marty. The quartet included two prospects ranked in America’s Top 50 baseball game, and two more on the Top 30 Mariners list.

Mozeliak said that this determined the “market-up for a spin-type initiator.”

“It does not mean … that it has to be identical or topped,” he continued. “There’s a line in the sand. So we can understand that part of it. But there’s also the part about some of the opportunities out there that might not be ‘top of the rotation’ but could fill roles. Just because of what happened (in Seattle) doesn’t necessarily mean the market has It’s defined as cost. That’s what we work with.

“The great advantage we have now is time.”

Led by Jordan Walker, who finished twice in Class AA Springfield on Friday, the Cardinal includes seven players in America’s top 100 baseball list. They also have three younger players in the majors who could be ranked if they qualify: Nolan Gorman, Dylan Carlson and Sunday starter Andre Balant. This “potential capital” gives them a seat in the most interesting option on the trade deadline: Soto. Washington wanted to talk. Citizens want long distances. But in return, the team will have over two years with Soto and three playoff chances with one of the game’s best hitters at any age. He just happened to be 24 years younger.

Soto will also enjoy the judging years as he and his .963 OPS career begin to set records for one-year salary bumps.

“I think what’s rare is the timing,” Moziliac said when asked about Soto. “We traded with Paul Goldschmidt. We traded with Nolan Arenado. But that’s the only thing about this player. age.”

And speaking in general about the market.

“What excites me is that we are in a very strong position from the point of view of the minor league,” Mozlyak concluded. “It’s a huge compliment that we draft and sign well. But I find we’re in conversations because of that, yes, because we’re in a position to talk about.”

Arenado is committed to Team USA

Arenado, All-Star and mid-season MVP nominee, has agreed to participate in the World Baseball Classic next spring as the third player for Team USA, the defending champion of the tournament. The Cardinals and Team USA confirmed Arenado’s pledge on Saturday. For the nine-time Golden Glove winner, it’s up to the national team after competing in WBC 2017, where he became close friends with future Cardinals teammate Goldschmidt.

The Cardinals official said Goldschmidt has received an invitation to return to the national team for the MLB-sponsored international competition, but he has not made a decision yet.

Mike Trout was the first active player to commit to Team USA, and the Angels outfielder will lead the group. He said during the All-Star break that he will also be actively recruiting. WBC 2023 will begin playing pool on March 8 in Taiwan, and the tournament will be 13 days later at Loan Depot Park in Miami. Participants are exempt from spring training with their teams during the WBC race.

Molina rehabilitation progresses

Yadier Molina had five AAA Memphis class rounds on Saturday night, and depending on how he recovers he will at least try to replicate Sunday’s workload. Molina, who has been out since mid-June with a knee injury, hit a base, walked, and fell on his last bat. The team expects him to join the active roster on Tuesday as the series opens with Cubs at Busch Stadium.

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