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Boko Bruce Aryan, former Book Super Bowl award-winning coach, talks with two of his aides before training begins on Saturday.

Updated at 3:13 PM – So today was Defense Day. The offense just wasn’t clear. Not awful, just not sharp. Tom Brady had mistakes. Blaine Jabbert was eh, and Kyle Trask was having a morning up and down – some good plays and some soulful plays.

As always, Joe needs to remind people that this was the last scheduled undies soccer workout, at least for a few days. The pads are expected to come August 1 (Monday). No bucs tomorrow.

And since it is indoor soccer, there are no kicks of any kind and no entry at all.

*Crisis Joe’s professional workplace to get the day started, and you’d never want to start the day covering a practice like this. I spilled a water bottle on Joe’s binoculars. It wasn’t water resistant (note the past tense?). Joe has already ordered a new pair from Amazon and should have it delivered by the time Joe gets home today from One Buc Palace. Thank you Jeff Bezos.

*The first play in 11v11 is Playoff Lenny in the middle. With four practice camp runs, this summer’s first 11v11s game was either Lenny’s Playoff Tour or Tom Brady’s Bombshell. Please don’t be so predictable when the season rolls around, Mr. Leftwich.

*The first 11v11 playing pass is Brady hooking up with Mike Evans wide open in the middle. Joe never tires of seeing this.

*Ke’Shawn Vaughn had a fair amount of work today and early in practice had two consecutive catches, first from Brady to the right sideline and adjacent to the left from Blaine Gabbert.

*This time iPhone runs the ball. It sounded like a different kind of old USC student body to John McKay that just left Vaughn Square inverted and went right for good gain.

*Giovanni Bernard joins the fun and makes a huge right-hand corner ride.

*Bernard wide – @ss is open on the left side for Gibbert who didn’t throw the most accurate pass. Bernard had to catch the ball inappropriately to catch the pass and stumbled.

* Bernard goes up in the middle. Yes, monotonous boring play. But what Joe stuck with was that Bernard took a Ric Flair shard in the face as he crossed the line of scrimmage. It looked like a clothesline #fail.

* Trask was up and down as Joe mentioned. This was his second worst pass. He tried to hit Kaylon Geiger under the left seam and the ball was under the floor. Nolan Turner raced and was on the verge of being selected.

*This was rather elegant and showed the leadership of Lafonte David. JJ Russell was playing at left-back and David was playing at right-back. David lined up apparently over the three holes, or between the left guard and the left tackle on the second level. Russell turned to his right and as he approached David, David kind of pushed Russell into the shoulder cushions as if to say, “No, turn left!” And Russell, like a pinball, bounced to the left as fast as he turned to the right.

* Jaelon Darden picks up sky from Gabbert down the left seam. good job

*Gabbert tried to hit Scotty Miller in the left flat and Mike Edwards was on him like a stink. Edwards broke the play.

*Brady tries to hit Russell Gage on an accidental pattern from the right but he leads too much. This is the first time Joe has seen the Brady-Gage connection be so elusive in four practices.

*Next play Tyler Johnson drops Brady passes right stitch.

* Johnson quickly makes up for it by capturing a short pass down Brady’s right seam for big gains.

*Kyle Trask hits Cameron Brown deep in the middle and the Browns harbor it for about 60-70 yards.

* Trask communicates with Prishad Berryman in a crowd.

*Brady tries to go to Gage in the depths of the unfinished right side. Jamal Dean provided tight coverage.

*Brady went to Nolan Ryan here. You can see how he physically puts a lot of mustard on this court and the fast ball finds Johnson’s hands on the right side.

* Gabert throws low to the left side and Vincent [not a typo] Smith goes down to dig the pass.

*Here’s the Gabbert Tease that drew many coaches to believe in Gabbert. He fires the Jags’ former first-round draft pick down the right sideline and puts the ball straight onto Scotty Miller’s belt buckle. Defines precisely.

*Gabert aims for Rashad White in the middle, a bad drop from the Arizona State rookie. This may be the first bad play Joe sees of Wyatt. There was traffic nearby, so perhaps White could hear footsteps?

* The first bad shot of the post-Ryan Jensen era sails over Brady’s head. And no, the center was neither Robert Hennessy nor Nick Leverett.

*Brady hits Smith with a high-belt pass along the right lateral line.

* A beautiful play by Gage. Brady throws about 15 yards or so to Gage’s right sideline who is flicking his fingers as he goes out of bounds with the catch. Joe was sitting across from the court so he couldn’t tell if the play was indoors or not, but it still looked smooth and sweet.

*Joe Brady was seen on the sidelines on one knee with an ice pack on his neck and multiple towels to cool off on his leg and on top of the ice. Brady was also wiping his face with a towel and he looked completely gassy. Not your typical Brady look. (This comes from another Joe who was able to zoom in on Brady.) Did this presage Brady’s performance in the red? stay tuned

*Joe sure has written this before but it’s worth repeating: You’d never guess that Brady and Gage hadn’t participated in an organized group training together before this week. They seem to be on the same page entirely.

*Tracek hits Brown down the left sideline but Trask’s next play was really awful.

*Track wanted to go to Brown on the left side, short, and Brown was a double. Trask forced the pass anyway, and on top of the fact that it was a terrible read, it was dropped a bit too and hit Nolan Turner. Choose six.

* Trask modified himself in the next play. The quarterback ran a straight draw in the middle to gain about 20 yards. After the play was blown, he stumbled, fell forward and somersaulted for a few last yards.

* Joe doesn’t watch every kick, but Jose Borregales, the man fighting with Ryan Sukop for a job, hit the right upright from what appeared to be 40 yards. He managed to take the next kick, which appeared to be from 45.

red zone exercises

* Brady tries a pass over the middle towards the left side and old man Lafonte David chooses it.

* Brady leads Bernard too far on the left side.

*Gabbert contacts Ko Kieft for a nice little profit on the right side. Kift fought several shots this week with the second team and a handful with the first team. By the way, Kyle Rudolph had a vet day with Donovan Smith.

* Connect Trask and White in an expressive pattern from the right.

* Brady and immortal Cyril Grayson pass to the right for the first time.

* Brady throws a screen pass to the right to Cam Pratt and there’s a whole convoy that directs Pratt to the finish zone.

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