A hidden icon in the Google Camera update indicates that the foldable Pixel is back in play

The on-again-off-again saga for Google Pixel Fold/Notepad (either name is possible) appears to be working again thanks to evidence spotted in the recent Google Camera 8.6 update. This update It mostly consists of material that you modify on the UI that put some circular buttons in a file Techniques Tab inside a large gray rectangular box. The buttons now change their color to match the main color of the wallpaper the user is using, and is part of the Dynamic Color feature.
But the men in 9to5 Google searched the update and discovered a new mode codenamed “Jupiter”. This mode will have a button to the left of the switch cameras button which is used when a Pixel user wants to switch from taking photos and videos with the rear camera assembly to using the front camera for photos and videos.

A hidden icon in the Google Camera update indicates the possibility of developing a foldable Pixel

But the big news here is the feature icon that shows what appears to be a foldable phone (folding on the dotted line) with an arrow showing the movement required to close the device. What else can we think of here except to see this as a sign that the Pixel Fold or Notepad are still alive?

Nothing 9to5Google found reveals what the “Jupiter” button does other than hiding the camera switch button when clicked. This seems to indicate that the “buyer” mode is the one that only works with the rear or front cameras as it covers the ability to switch the camera used. Another possibility is that the mode will show previews from both cameras at the same time.

Pixel Fold/Notepad can be restarted. The phone was expected to be powered by Google’s own Tensor chipset and sport a 5.85-inch internal display. As a result, the foldable Pixel could resemble the Oppo Find N foldable phone with its smaller internal screen rather than the Galaxy Z Fold 4 which might have a larger 7.6-inch screen. We don’t want to forget that the Pixel Fold/Notepad’s rear camera combo was supposed to include the same 12.2MP primary camera and 16MP ultra-wide camera used on the flagship Pixel 5.

Will Google reveal the Pixel Fold/Notepad along with the Pixel 7 series in October?

The most popular foldable devices in the US include two foldable models from Samsung and the Motorola RAZR. Galaxy Z Fold opens like a book that turns a 6.2-inch smartphone into a 7.6-inch tablet. Galaxy Z Flip is a pocketable device that opens into a 6.7 inch smartphone. The RAZR features a form factor similar to the Galaxy Z Flip. Interestingly, 70% of Samsung Galaxy Z sales last year were generated by the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Before the rumors that the Pixel Fold/Notepad was “shut down again” in May, the device was scheduled to be mass-produced during the third quarter. Assuming Google starts working on the device again, there’s no reason not to expect the production schedule to stay the same. In an effort to undermine Samsung, earlier this year it was rumored that Google had decided to get $1,399 for an MSRP for its first foldable Pixel.

So will we have an October surprise? Will Google pulls a rabbit out of its hat at the unveiling of the Pixel 7 series? If you’re hoping to get a foldable Pixel, leave your fingers crossed.

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