5 things we learned from boot camp (7/30)

After four days of training to start boot camp, things are about to improve. The Giants will wear pads for the first time on Monday as the calendar turns to August.

“There’s a lot of good teaching here,” Daboll said. “It’s really, like I said in the spring, it’s a learning camp.” “It’s competitive because there are fans and the nature of the training camp. But the process of evaluating the things that they need to do physically and they are able to do that, actually do more, I think we’re all waiting for that.”

Today it was clear that the coaching staff aren’t the only ones passionate about putting on the pads – the players couldn’t be more excited.

“I’m so excited,” Tibodo said. “A lot of things like speeding up the pass, as a defensive guy you can’t do without sanitary pads. Attacking has loose shirts that you can pull off. Now it’s going to be more of a fair game. I’ll be able to use all the moves I’ve been working on.”

“I’m so excited that I had the opportunity to get better because when you don’t have sanitary pads you get better at feeling protected from swiping and things like that, but it’s different,” Neil said. “We really can’t fit our mixed blocks or really depend on the players for a running game. I’m definitely excited about that point of view, for sure.”

3. Thomas assists both rookie teams in the first round

Andrew Thomas had a huge bounce back last season, allowing only two sacks in 517 assists across 13 games. His performance earned him an overall Pro Football Focus score of 78.9 and a Passing Blocking score of 82.1, which ranked him 12th among all offensive tackles. After Thomas missed spring training due to injury, his impact on and off the field during training camp was felt not only by Neil, but also by Tibdow.

“Drew, he’s a great guy,” Neil explained. “Definitely a great source to rely on because he’s been through it.” β€œHe was a top 10 pick and a lot of expectations came and I feel he has handled himself very well. I am very grateful to have an asset and a resource like this for sure. As our relationship continues to grow and evolve, I am sure I will learn more from him.” .

“Oh, it was great. Not just him, but (processing) Andrew Thomas. They are as one,” Tibodo added. “I’m able to go back and forth. You never – no stage shows. Everyone asks me, ‘What’s the difference between now and I mean college and the NFL?'” You have movement in every game, there is no forethought. Just facing them, and Evan in particular is good to keep growing and sharing information now and then.”

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