Tottenham 0 – Roma 1: Pre-season finally ends in defeat

Tottenham Hotspur traveled to Haifa, Israel, for their fourth and final game before the start of the summer season, where they faced Roma and former coach Jose Mourinho. With the temperature rising at 82 degrees and humidity levels even higher, players have remained cautious when pushing themselves to the limit.

Of course, the goal in pre-season is for everyone to be fit and to remain injury-free, but this last game was also about beating Mourinho and not having to listen to the fan base that comes from him and his followers.

Roma put in a superb attacking display in the first minute as Tammy Abraham narrowly missed the goal. After that, Spurs managed to get into the game but struggled in midfield with Roma pressing high and forcing Yves Bissoma and Pierre-Emile Hogberg to lose the ball at times.

Missing some chances with shots coming from outside the box by Ivan Perisic, it will be very interesting to watch this season, and a back try managed by Matt Doherty.

Roma scored the only goal of the match from a corner kick by Paulo Dybala and found Roger Ibanez around the six-yard area in the net. After scoring the goal, Spurs maintained their playing style and created much more chances, nothing could go wrong.

Here are some immediate reactions to the final pre-season game:

  • Although it was hot and humid, both teams stuck to their style of play. You can see how the Roma players were drenched in sweat.
  • Yes, it’s “friendly” but my kindness calls for a penalty when it’s a penalty kick. The reference was absent from both groups.
  • For those of you who watched the broadcast via Paramount Plus as I did, listening to them was horrible. I never want to be that guy to comment on how bad they do with my friends at work, but this was shockingly awful.
  • Spurs’ midfield has struggled against the Roma press, especially Bisuma, and a large part could be slightly behind the schedule after testing positive for Covid in South Korea and missing important days of tactical training.
  • It was already mentioned, but Perisic will be very interesting to watch. His ability to get up and down the field and never look tired is incredible. Even in the friendly, he played his heart with Conte and we know why he’s the most important signing ever done. For any player in the FPL, grab it like I have.
  • Christian Romero doesn’t care about the opposing team’s feelings, as the challenges he faces and tackle the ball together have been beautiful to the eye.
  • The three fronts continued several times with Harry Kane’s goal disallowed after Dejan Kulusevsky canceled offside in the second half. With it being the final match, it was all about building the physique of the three strikers to hit the ground next week.
  • Clement Lenglet may have stamped his name into the starting line-up. He pushed the ball up the field and his passes for the majority of the second half were clear. Lenglet even found Romero in the middle of the penalty area for a potential header, before a mistake from Romero.
  • Brazilian Trifecta came in and had some moments with Richarlison dribbling his way into the box and missing a shot on target or he could attack Kane in the middle of the box.
  • The Premier League season begins in exactly one week as Tottenham host Southampton.

Possible eleventh for GW1:


Doherty, Romero, Dyer, Lenglet, Perisic,

Bentancourt, Hojburg

Kulusevsky, Ken, Son

Tell us your thoughts on who Conte should pick for the first game of the season. It’s going to be a fun ride this year, as always!

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