This cool Steam Deck offers an affordable way to play on TV

The Steam Deck is a great piece of hardware that makes the switch, at least, look over its shoulder and raise an eyebrow. Steam Deck may technically run more games and make them look and function better than the Switch, but it lacks one important piece of hardware that makes the Switch magical: the ability to easily switch between playing in portable mode and TV mode. The Steam Deck can do this, but it requires some additional hardware that is not included in the Steam Deck package, which is where manufacturers like JSAUX come in.

When Steam Deck was announced, Valve offered an optional dock alongside it, but first-party hardware was indefinitely delayed. JSAUX isn’t the only one stepping in to offer an alternative, but it’s among the first and it’s a solid alternative to whatever Valve makes. We spent some time with the aptly named USB-C 6-in-1 Multifunction Adapter and were generally impressed.


The dock features a non-removable USB-C cable that attaches to the top of your deck when resting on the dock. The dock itself features an additional USB-C port (to replace the one you can no longer access at the top of the deck), a 4K 60Hz HDMI port, three USB-A ports, and an RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port. The device also features 100W fast charging and 5Gbps data transfer.

In the end, and I mean this in a positive way, there is not a lot of pavement. It’s made of sturdy metal and features soft deck pads for you to rest on comfortably. There is little fear of scratching due to the surface randomly falling into the pavement or being picked up. Unlike a switch with a large hole, you have to gently slide your switch into it, the surface just rests at an angle and you plug the USB-C cable on top.

You don’t have to change any surface settings until they are output to the TV. You just plug it in.

In my experience, Steam Deck knew exactly what was going on and switched video output to my TV without having to go and adjust any settings. I connected a PlayStation 4 console wirelessly and played some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge on my TV via my Steam Deck.

The USB-C cable in the back is a little longer than it should be.
The USB-C cable in the back is a little longer than it should be.

The included USB-C cable that plugs into the top of the deck is a bit long and folds behind the deck a little further than I’d like. It makes it so you can’t push the setup too close to the wall or the back of the cabinet. It’s a minor complaint, but surprisingly enough, it was so easy to shorten it to make it the perfect length. Everyone sits on the dock the same way, so there’s no need to make up for different sizes.

The JSAUX USB-C 6-in-1 Multifunction Adapter is a simple device. It’s basically a USB docking station that features useful HDMI and ethernet ports. It doesn’t technically do anything a similar device not made with Steam Deck can do, but there’s something satisfying about putting your Steam Deck into a device built for it that both allows you to use the Deck on your TV, and display it on your shelf .

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