‘The underdog’ may force all-black Springboks to be ‘at their best’ at the World Cup

Ian Foster's All Blacks are underdogs, but South Africa's critics worry it could topple the Springboks.
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Ian Foster’s All Blacks are underdogs, but South Africa’s critics worry it could topple the Springboks.

The ‘underdog’ All Black may be reeling after four defeats in the last five Tests, but South Africa critics have warned the Springboks should be in the Rugby World Cup final in the best way to beat Ian Foster’s beleaguered side.

Sam Kani and his teammates have arrived in Johannesburg to prepare for two of the must-win rugby tournament tests against South Africa in Mbombela on Sunday (New Zealand time) and a week later at Ellis Park in Johannesburg.

The double header on the rise will be a test of the All Blacks’ standing after losing a domestic series to Ireland for the first time.

The Springboks beat Wales 2-1 in a three-Test series as the All Blacks battled the Irish, but South African coach Jack Nyenber expects a different challenge from the New Zealander.

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“If you look at the athletes they have, if you look at the skill set they have, it’s probably a game that is built on a lot of continuity and maybe a little bit of moving the ball,” Nyenber said. At a recent press conference.

“They don’t shy away from the consistent fights, which they showed against Ireland. So it’s going to be a mixture of consistent fights and maybe also a bit more continuity than what we’ve seen in the Welsh series.” “

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Former All Blacks coach has defended his successor, Ian Foster.

South African rugby media reports that the All Blacks may benefit from being the underdog against the Springboks.

But Ashfaq Muhammad, sports editor at Cape Independent Newspapers (iol.za), believes the Springboks need to “turn to the strategy used in this memorable performance at the 2019 Rugby World Cup Finals against England in Yokohama if South Africa are to stop.” All black.”

‘Don’t be fooled by the series’ defeat of Ireland. New Zealand will be much better this time.’

The Springboks were a formidable weapon, seen in action here against Wales.

Themba Hadibe / AFP

The Springboks were a formidable weapon, seen in action here against Wales.

Muhammad said the Springboks “can’t just rely on playing the usual box-kick percentage game, driving hits and shootouts to beat the All Blacks.”

He pointed to the potential threats posed by Jordi, Boden Barrett, Rico Ewan and possibly Richie Muonga in the All Blacks’ back line and suggested that the Springboks cut off their ball supply.

Mohamed wrote that the All Blacks also knew how to “beat the Boks, especially in South Africa”, noting that the Kiwis had won six of the last seven Tests in Mzansi (South Africa) ” and the FIFA World Cup match in 2019 and the matches were split. Rugby Championship last year 1-1.

Muhammad said the Springboks will need to “add the icing on the cake that we saw in all its glory in the World Cup Final”. “It goes without saying that the Boks will be looking to gain physical dominance and keep hitting them, but what they do with that acquisition will determine the outcome.”

South African Rugby Mag columnist Dylan Jack emphasized that the Springboks “have always been the traditional underdog in this rivalry and have used that mindset to pique themselves on some of their recent victories”.

But now, the All Blacks will be “playing with a ‘back to the wall’ mentality that can make them dangerous and the Boks can’t afford to ‘cool down in a false safety position’.”

Will Jordan, who was seen scoring in the second Test against Ireland, be one of the All Blacks' defenders the Springboks will have to watch out for.

Phil Walter / Getty Images

Will Jordan, who was seen scoring in the second Test against Ireland, be one of the All Blacks’ defenders the Springboks will have to watch out for.

“They know themselves that an injured team is a lethal team, and that poor results and criticism from outside the camp can motivate the team, like heavy artillery aimed at the supposed ‘boring’ game plan under Rasi Erasmus and Jack Ninapper,” Jack wrote.

“The All Blacks might be tactically flawed running out at Mbombela Stadium… a team that doesn’t live up to the standards that have been set by them. But, make no mistake, this is a team that will lack any motivation and may benefit, for once, from being underdogs” .

Jack warned that Will Jordan’s third test against Ireland showed the All Blacks’ ability to punish any foul and their talent for “scoring from anywhere on the field.”

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