Sharma defends India’s performance in T20 World Cup

“We didn’t get results in the World Cup, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been playing bad cricket for many years. I don’t agree that we’ve been playing conservative cricket. If you lose one weird match in the World Cup, it looks like we made mistakes and didn’t take our chances. But If you look at the overall matches, we played at the front of the World Cup, we won probably 80 percent of our matches. If you’re conservative, I can’t understand how you’re going to win those many games. We lost the World Cup and didn’t qualify. It does happen, but this It doesn’t happen because we didn’t play free or we were afraid. Lately, it’s not like we’ve made complete changes. We just gave players the freedom to play their game and express themselves and not put any pressure on. Sharma said before the first T20I: If you play freely, The offers will appear.

Sharma also asked people outside the Indian team to be patient in getting consistent results from them. People outside should keep the peace. The way we play cricket, there will be failures and results may not go our way, but it’s okay because we are trying something and making an effort to do something different.

“Mistakes can happen but that doesn’t mean the players are bad and the team is not good. It’s just that we are trying to do something new. With time, everyone has to change. We change, so people outside also need to change their minds.”

Sharma admitted that there are some points in the Indian squad that need nailing down in the run-up to the men’s T20 World Cup in Australia in October-November and asked players in the T20I series against the West Indies to play freely. As if they were playing for their state or aspects of the franchise.

“There are some points that we need to fill in. But we also know what we have to do to fill them. We will try to address all the issues in the upcoming matches. We want to give the boys the freedom and ask them to play the way they want to play. We can talk about the preparations and the technique, but when the match comes “Players should be left alone when the match comes. We just tell them we want them to play like they do when they play for franchises or country teams. When you don’t put that much pressure there, do the same here too. There are different pressures from international cricket.” Our job is to reduce the pressure or eliminate it completely. We are just trying to create an environment where players can play freely and not think too much about their performance.”

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