Seahawks, Dolphins, and Texans are favorite bets to land on Jimmy Garoppolo

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Several days ago, the 49ers essentially invited one or more of the other 31 teams to bid, that is, an offer, for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Since then, there has been no (checking on Twitter) reported of any team, name or unnamed, having an interest in Garoppolo.

The 49ers and Garoppolo seem to have decided, at least for the time being, to wait for a quarterback start with another side suffering an injury at the end of the season. It will be a win for the team and the player; The 49ers will get a bigger payout, and Garoppolo will likely get all or most of the $25 million compensation package for the final year of his current contract.

But end-of-season injuries to midfielders do not occur regularly during training camp (where they are not touched) or before the start of the season (where they rarely play). Unless a starter goes down or someone bids the bargain downstairs (and Garoppolo agrees to a much lower salary), it’s lowered — most likely when the rolls go to 53.

Eventually, he will join another team. He’s on the verge of the top 20, which means almost 10 beginners are worse than him. So, yes, he will get another chance.

The folks at DraftKings have I posted three favourites. Seahawks have the shortest odds, +275. Next, dolphins (sorry, Tonon) are at +330. In third place are Texas, at +400.

Seattle will be a compelling landing spot for obvious reasons. Including the fact that Seattle is visiting San Francisco in the second week. But for now, coach Pete Carroll appears intent on working with Jenno Smith or Drew Luke.

Of course, Miami would be a compelling result, too. They have Teddy Bridgewater on board as a backup. Dolphins should choose Garoppolo as a potential alternative not for backup but for beginners.

Does this sound crazy? Ask yourself this question. Which quarterback between Jimmy Garoppolo and Tua Tagoviloa is the most accomplished? Which would be more likely to make the most of an otherwise stacked Miami team, with former 49ers assistant Mike McDaniel running the show with Kyle Shanahan’s offense?

It seems unlikely, because dolphins are all in Towa. Then, of course, they tried to get Deshaun Watson in 2021 and Tom Brady in 2022. Other than that, they’re all for Tua.

So how are they all in? They obviously made a mistake by just grabbing Justin Herbert with the fifth pick in the 2020 Draft. Some teams making a mistake admit it and move on, which is what the Dolphins tried to do by chasing Watson and Brady. Other teams that make mistakes multiply. Which is what dolphins might do now.

Maybe it just comes down to whether the dolphins can make a big upgrade or a light upgrade. Regardless, people who have every reason to know how much land has dolphins at 3.3 to 1 to get a Garoppolo.

Finally, the people of Texas. General Motors, Nick Caserio, drafted the Garoppolo in New England eight years ago. They claim they are ready to go with Davis Mills. Which is exactly the best way to play it, if they are secretly waiting for an opportunity to snatch Garoppolo as a low-cost free agent.

Which it certainly will be, unless the number one midfielder blew his Achilles tendon or ruptures the AFC Champions League next month.

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