Ryan Kerrigan, former Washington defensive end, retires from the NFL


Ryan Kerrigan has dubbed it a career.

The former Washington defensive end, all-time franchise sack leader, has announced his retirement from the NFL after 11 seasons. Although NFL players don’t officially retire with specific teams, Kerrigan signed an honorary one-day contract with Washington on Friday to be his first. And the The last team.

Owners Danielle Snyder and Tania Snyder said at statement. “Ryan is one of the most accomplished players in franchise history both in terms of statistics and in how he carries himself with the class both on the field and off the field in the community.

“We are honored that Ryan reached out to us and wanted to sign a one-day contract with the organisation. Our official sack leader is burgundy and gold and we are proud to welcome him home. We would love to sign Ryan on a massive career path. Although we will miss his encouragement on Sunday, but we will be glad to see him again.” We look forward to supporting him in all that his next chapter holds. Ryan and his family will always have a place here with this franchise.”

Drafted No. 16 overall in 2011, Washington Kerrigan spent 10 years with the club before being released. He played the 2021 season with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kerrigan played 156 games for Washington—including 139 consecutive games in his first nine seasons—and the franchise’s record (since 1982, when the stat became official) totaled 95.5 career portfolios. Kerrigan also finished his career with 457 tackles (120 for a loss), three interceptions returned for touchdowns and 26 forced fumbles.

But he was considered more than a star in the field. Off the field, he was a captain and mentor for many players – including those who eventually pushed him to a defensive end and prompted the franchise to move to a younger age.

“RK didn’t have to open his arms to me and help me the whole season,” Chase Young said after his rookie year. “You hear them stories where it doesn’t happen all the time. I always thank RK for doing this and always thank him for the kind of guy he is, just welcome me with open arms and teach me the game. RK knows all about love. We will have this relationship forever. That’s my brother Big. I have nothing but love for RK. Because he knows that.”

Kerrigan issued a lengthy statement To thank his family, Snyders, his coaches, former teammates and Washington fans. He wrote that he was “proud to call DC ‘home’ and that he ‘never lost sight of how great it is to be an NFL player. On Saturday, he plans to join the crowd at a training camp and take back the experience from the sidelines.

“While I am grateful for the great times and memories I was able to have as a player, I am equally grateful that I now have the wisdom and courage to step away,” Kerrigan added. “We’ve all finally come to the end of our playing days, and now is the time for me.”

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