Reaction to the Yankees trade by Andrew Benintende

The Yankees made a big move in the wake of Wednesday’s 3-2 loss to the Mets, acquiring defensive back Andrew Benintende of the Royals. In doing so, they sent promotion prospects: Chandler Champlain, TJ Sikkema, and Beck Way to Kansas City. The Yankees have often been linked to the ex-Red Sox player, and it seems like rumors have been circulating about something.

Now that the deal is done and the Yankees have added an upgrade to the team, let’s take a look at the reactions from all over the media and the internet.

One of the main concerns about the Yankees’ acquisition of Benintende was, in the very case of 2022, its vaccination status. A few weeks ago, he wasn’t able to go with the royal family to the Toronto series because he wasn’t vaccinated. While the Yankees only have one series left against the Blue Jays in the regular season, they are a potential playoff opponent, and that’s something they definitely had to consider.

…or maybe they didn’t think about it much? Either way, it looks like Benintende will get it.

As for the player himself, the Yankees themselves seem pretty excited about the deal and the new addition to the squad.

He’s a guy who’s done really well this year, and he’s been pretty good at getting to the base, which would probably really fit into the Yankees’ lineup.

As for what the Yankees have given up, there are some solid prospects with potential in the deal, but it looks like the royals were willing to go into more possibilities rather than sourcing any of the huge, high-impact talent.

Despite this, Sikkema in particular is an arm that has shown quite a bit of promise, especially this year.

As one of the biggest deals of the Deadline Trade season so far, it’s also an acquisition that could set the market for other deals to come, especially since Benintendi is set to be a free agent at the end of the season.

It’s also not hard to read in this move that the Yankees wanted to promote Joey Gallo. One of his 2021 deadline acquisitions, Gallo struggled in both seasons with the Yankees and was unplayable for points this year. Benintendi represents not only an improvement in numbers in 2022 but also a difference of style in the player.

While there is nothing concrete at the time of writing, it seems fairly likely that the Yankees will try to move Gallo at some point over the next couple of days.

For the most part, this appears to be a solid deal for the Yankees, other than that it probably takes them out of the race in favor of Juan Soto. (Although they can still do so if they want to.) What he didn’t do was take them out of the race towards one of their other main targets, Reds player Luis Castillo.

Castillo ended up going to the Mariners, but none of those three potential teams would have been the difference-maker in a potential deal.

In this deal, they manage to add a very good bat and far from emptying the farm system.

We still have a few days before the deadline, and there are still plenty of potential deals to be made. It remains to be seen who and what exactly the Yankees will target, but they have now jumped into the pool and done some splash.

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