Notes, notes and takeaways from Packers 4th Boot Camp

The Green Bay Packers took to the field Saturday for their fourth training at their 2022 training camp. I was able to attend, so here are some of my key notes and takeaways:

Matt LaFleur’s Pre-Practice Press Conference

– Aaron Jones returned to the penalty shootout on Friday, but as did LaFleur Tell reportersIt’s “just an emergency.” Jones, along with De’Vondre Campbell, also sits on special team meetings.

away: After losing the playoffs to San Francisco, LaFleur stated that the Packers would consider using freshmen more on special teams. Rich Bisaccia will also make a similar comment this off-season, noting that late in Ronde Barber’s career, he was still a regular fixture on special teams. I think we’ll see more major contributors to special teams than in years past, specifically to block units, but for players like Jones, Campbell and Adrian Amos – who all took over as special teams this summer – I think that’s being prepared for that just in case the scenario But they won’t start out as beginner favorites.

– LaFleur on edge rusher Randy Ramsey via Ryan Wood: “He’s one of the guys that’s going to be in the competition. Right now, it’s pretty clear who 1 and 2, but for 3 to 5, it’s anyone’s guess.”

away: Ramsey suffered an ankle injury last summer that kept him out all season. Earlier this season, Brian Gutkunst said the team was “excited” to get Ramsey back in the mix. In addition to competing for playing time in defense, he also placed fourth in special teams shots in 2020 per PFF.

– as such Matt Schneidman You’ll notice, the Packers will put Sammy Watkins back into the mix. He was training alone today and will be back in team practice next week.

Notes and notes from practice

– David Bakhtiari was working with the rehabilitation group and the first time this happened during the bootcamp.

– Zach Tom came back to the left of the tackle at the start today and put in a great performance. To step in, he lacks some length, but his athletic ability is evident on the edge. He finished his Wake Forest career with 1,474 shots on the left tackle, allowing only four sacks and 23 push-ups in that two-year period, according to the PFF.

Other starts along the offensive line were John Runyan, Josh Myers, Royce Newman and Josh Nijmann from left to right. With diversity being the hallmark of this offensive line unit, as Matt LaFleur said earlier this week, things will be “flexible” as players are moved in search of the top five.

Team Two’s offensive line consisted of Tom – who was getting more cast – Michel Minette, Jake Hanson, Sean Ryan, and Cole Van Lanenen. As far as I know, we haven’t yet seen Ryan take the shots at the intervention, as he spent most of his time at UCLA.

– With a deeper rotation of the inner defensive line, there were several shots with Kenny Clarke lined up as the Tech Five. Getting Clarke on the edge and in the space is always a good thing because it means fewer double teams and more singles opportunities.

– Romeo Dobbs just kept making plays, including one pass down from Jordan Love where he hit his leg and another in traffic. Doubs was playing in singles, doubles and triples on Saturday and was the first man to come back on the kicks as well. Doubs averaged over 12 yards per return in Nevada in 37 attempts with touchdowns.

There seemed to be a focus on running the ball today, the defense was well prepared, flying towards the ball and closing the gaps. The defensive front also generated a number of “pressures”.

– High school was very good – sticky in coverage. Rodgers and Love rarely had a chance to push the ball down, and more often than not they had to go into the second and third reading before finding a goal. Overall, the defense won the day – which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Even Rodgers mentioned that there may have been some long days during his last appearance on The Pat McAfee Show:

“It could be a long training camp to attack. Rodgers said about Pat McAfee Show. “So there could be some growing pains to attack, which would be great for us, it would be nice to take our blocks from time to time and help us better face a good defense like this.”

Jack Coco was the tallest player with the first team field goal unit. In addition to Doubs returning kicks, we also saw the return of Amari Rodgers and Ish Hyman.

– It was La’Darius Hamilton and Tipa Galeai who were hurtling over the edge in the second team once again, with Galeai putting together some really nice passing dash as he used that speed. After Gary and Smith, the third-to-fifth positions at this position are wide open, but what we do know is that the Packers need more influential plays from rotating players in 2022 than they received in 2021.

– Tyler Davis, who was a lot of hype around, pretty much stuck to himself as a blocker today. While his sample size was small, last season he ranked 17th out of all the tight ends in the PFF’s running ban score.

– There have been many plays where Aaron Jones was widely lined up. When discussing the receiver’s pass-and-question game, we can’t forget Jones, who finished second on the team in receptions for three consecutive seasons.

– In a few of those instances when Jones broke up, AJ Dillon was in the background. Between 2020 and 2021, players went from using two back sets 16% of the time to just 2%, according to Sharp Football. That’s a pretty small sample size, but as Pete Dougherty wrote after the Packers late-season win over Minnesota, there were seven plays in that game with both Jones and Dillon on the backcourt, and the attack averaged 7.4 yards per game.

Rashan Gary was incredibly influential. Whether he used speed or strength, he lived on the court, and oftentimes met Nijmann. Also, this was another practice where neither Rodgers nor Love Gayer Alexander tested.

– Cornerback Rico Gafford and Capion Into had nice days too, with Gavford scoring three breakout passes and Ento two. The Gafford is a modern converter from a wide receiver and has a 4.22-speed — which could make him an important member of the Special Teams unit either as a gunner or a returning man. He also played under Rich Bisachia in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Ento really made an appearance last summer, but the area where he struggled was in Intervention.

Joan Winfrey, Shemar Jean Charles, Kingsley Inagbar, and Dalene Levitt were all-new entry-level representatives today. Winfree is fighting for a place on the list that may hinge on the Packers keeping a seventh receiver. Jean Charles could see some slot playing time this season depending on the match, while Leavitt brings a special teams experience from his time under Bisaccia in Las Vegas, as Enagbare tries to play a regular role in fast passes.

– In addition to fighting to move the ball, it was a dirty day to attack with a pair of fumbles and two false starts too.

Prior to last season, LaFleur stated that he wanted to see Jordan’s love “to be torn apart”. There were a few instances from that day where he made nice, decisive reads and got the ball out quickly and on goal. Hopefully, this means that his confidence in the system is growing.

– The starting defense took several representatives as a field goal block team. This is probably one way to train each player for a specific position – just in case you need it sometime this season.

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