Sergey Brin and Elon Musk are friends in Silicon Valley

I’m sorry for what I’m going to do here, but let’s talk about some divorced men. I think Sergey Brin is trying to discredit his ex, and I think he’s using his history with Elon Musk to do so.

Musk allegedly had an affair with Brian’s wife, which led to their divorce. (allegedly). Then, at one party, Musk fell to his knees, begging for Brian’s forgiveness, “according to people familiar with the incident,” The Wall Street Journal Writes. What a story!

Except: I find this source strange. How many people? There are two different sources than the 10 in this, or 30, you know? And what kind of knowledge? Were they there? I certainly understand the desire to protect one’s sources, but I need a little more context on this to understand how seriously I take it. Can I be certain that Musk, who is often behind the frenzy, wasn’t just trying to use Ice Brin?

I’m asking these pointed questions because I’ve noticed that Bryn is still flopping around with his soon-to-be courtier ex-wife Nicole Shanahan. Brin’s lawyers say she asked for too much — rumored to be $1 billion, according to The Wall Street Journal. I do not know how The Wall Street Journal The source of this story, but I think it is likely to benefit him more than it. If he shows she is unfaithful, he will keep more of his money. And if she’s afraid of getting more news about their marriage in the papers, she may be more likely to settle down quickly.

Shanahan denied having an affair with Musk, and an anonymous source close to her told New York Post She is a “pawn” in Playboy Billionaire Games. I’m a little skeptical about the single-source anonymous reports, but NYP She rarely misses celebrity coverage, perhaps because of her very strong ties to publicists. (Page Six isn’t what it used to be, but it’s still phenomenal.)

If Brin’s personnel were indeed behind the leak, that makes Musk’s reaction even funnier. Musk says He’s seen Shanahan twice in the past three years – and he’s never seen him alone. “You haven’t even had sex in a long time (sigh),” he adds. After all, he may have been refused entry to a sex club in Berlin last April.

To prove that things are close between him and Brin, Musk posted a picture of the two of them at the same party in response to The Wall Street Journal The editor who tweeted the story. Strange choice. I remember an earlier photo that Musk was asked about: one of him with Ghislaine Maxwell, the right-hand man of Jeffrey Epstein who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for sex trafficking. Musk says it’sPhotobomb” for him.

It is strange to deny that the photo is evidence of friendship, and then post a photo as evidence of friendship. Musk was right to dismiss Maxwell’s photo: a photo of two people at the same party doesn’t mean much.

Look at the photo with Brin: Musk in the foreground; Brin is in the background, hasn’t made eye contact with the camera, and may not have been aware that he was being photographed. The two are under a tent, and Brin is holding a plastic cup – a party of some sort. There are two other people in the picture who appear to be either children or adults of short stature. one wears Note and watch disguise. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to identify trees in the background to find out a location. (Yes, I emailed the experts. They said the trees were too low to be identifiable.)

It’s definitely proof that Musk and Brin were at the same party, says Musk Sunday afternoon July 24. Whatever proof of friendship hard to say.

As for the date and place: According to the Twitter account that tracks its movements, Mask’s plane He flew to San Jose airport on July 23 And the Left on the evening of July 24. In response to Musk’s tweet, (Great Uptone, too Dickens!) says a chef named Andrew Groel. He could attest that Musk and Brin attended the party together, where lobster eggs were served. Located in Huntington Beach, California, Gruel left the patio at one of his open restaurants during Governor Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order, perhaps a common point with Musk.

Send an email to The New York Post. (This is also, for what it’s worth, the second celebrity divorce in which Musk has been accused of house-spinning; Johnny Depp claimed Musk started an affair with his now-ex-wife, Amber Heard, a month after Depp and Heard were married.)

Brin has invested at least $500,000 in Tesla, according to a book by Tim Higgins play power. According to Breen, he may have invested an unknown amount in 2006 from the inside. According to the last The Wall Street Journal In the story, Brin “ordered his financial advisors to sell his personal investments in Mr. Musk’s companies,” although the story did not specify the size of the investments or whether any sales had taken place.

I think I know why! Because all of those investments, if sold, would be part of the negotiations that Brian and Shanahan are engaged in about their divorce. The point of The Wall Street Journal The story is to defame Shanahan and not tell her where all the money is! Brin may still party with Musk, but his attorneys apparently hung Musk to dry just to get to Shanahan.

Why this aggression on Musk? They have a history. There is a possibility that Musk dubbed it “autopilot” by Google, first and foremost. Apparently, Larry Page and Brin were considering buying Tesla while leaving Musk in charge, according to a Musk biography written by Ashley Vance. This did not happen, in large part due to the self-promotion capabilities of the PT Barnum holder. Another Musk biographer, Edward Niedermayer, wrote: “With the benefit of hindsight, it is clear that Musk was—at least—inspired or frightened” in self-driving cars.

By 2018, before Brin left Google, it was clear that competition was brewing between Tesla and Google’s self-driving car division, Waymo. In January 2021, John Krafcik, CEO of Waymo, said, “To us, Tesla is not at all a competitor.” Waymo even ditched the term “self-driving” to refer to its autonomous vehicles in 2021, saying, “It might seem like a small change, but it’s an important one, because accuracy in language matters and can save lives.” This sounds like a dig at Tesla, which calls its driver assistance program “fully self-driving.”

Now, to be clear, the majority of Waymo/Tesla beef started after, after Brian left Google. And it looks like Brian and Musk are definitely at the same party. But I have to say – unless Brin and Musk agree to a leak The Wall Street Journal A story together to corrupt Shanahan as part of his tech brothers’ conspiracy – they seem a lot like Friend Enemy, especially Because Brian hasn’t said anything in public to make this clear.

Tech-bro friends are a staple in Silicon Valley. Musk’s long relationship with Peter Thiel, who created the PayPal coup that pushed Musk out, is a prime example of this. All of these guys need each other and maybe some kind of humble hatred for each other. It looks exhausting! But it looks like everyone will get what they need here with the exception of Shanahan, who is also Silicon Valley.

As for the musk woeit’s me Tweets Around Attention: lol, lmao. His entire game with retail contributors is about getting attention. The guy loves it! Remember McLaren? Remember the song “Do not doubt your taste?” Fake robot? Musk seems like an obvious student of NASA scientist (and Nazi) Wernher von Braun, and Twitter is where he presents his version of “Man Will Soon Conquer Space.” needs attention. After all, isn’t that what Twitter is buying it for?

Which could mean that Brin and Musk are still best friends after all. I’m fairly certain at this point that Musk can’t distinguish between good attention and bad attention. As long as he’s the center of attention, he’s happy – because interest is selling Teslas.

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