Red Sox Xander informed the Bogaerts that they had no intention of bartering him

Red Sox executives said Xander Bogarts They won’t trade it this summer, star Shortstop told reporters tonight (via Jason Mastrodonato from the Boston Herald). When asked if he had received personal assurance from the front office that he would not be dealt with, Bogarts replied, “yes. I don’t know if I should say it, but I hope I don’t get into trouble. But yes, much better like that. Communication is always huge in everything in life. I would say getting this kind of feedback is helpful.

It’s not a surprising revelation, as recent reports suggested the Red Sox weren’t likely to make the Bogaerts available. Both CEO Sam Kennedy and Chief Baseball Officer Haim Bloom have publicly stated that there is no internal consideration for dealing with the four-time All-Star, adding Bloom “do not plan to“These conversations. They seem to have bolstered those sentiments privately with Bogarts seemingly reinforced that he will not change teams before next Tuesday’s deadline.

Bogart can (and surely will) pull out of the last three years of his contract this off-season. Boston took tonight’s contest from the Guardians to rise again to 0.500, but the 50-50 mark still put them behind the Orioles at the bottom of AL East. Most importantly, they are 3 1/2 games behind Rays, the current owner of the last Wild Card Center, with Cleveland and Baltimore also in between. Even after tonight’s win, Boston has played just seven of its 24 games this month. This raises some questions about how Bloom and his staff are approaching the deadline.

Even if Bloom and his company wanted to move the struggling player, executing a deal was easier said than done. There has certainly been no lack of interest in the short 29-year-old star, but the Bogaerts are fully protected from no trade. Bogart could have dictated where the immobilizer was handled or entirely, but nevertheless seemed relieved to hear that he wouldn’t have to consider those possibilities.

The Bogaerts would almost certainly receive and decline a qualifying bid if he opted out this winter, so the Red Sox will stand to collect a compensating selection draft if he falls elsewhere. The more immediate concern is whether the club has been able to correct the ship’s course over the last two months and more like last year’s team that racked up 92 wins and earned a trip to ALCS.

The Red Sox deadline approach could still go in myriad ways. Boston has a few imminent free agents who will be on-demand business targets. They are said to listen to performances JD Martinezwho would be one of the best hitters available. Nathan Evaldi It will arguably be the best rental pitcher on the market. catcher Christian VasquezAppetizer Michael Washa And the Rich Hilland loyal Matt will see them They’ve all had good seasons, although Wacha, Hill and Strahm are all currently on the hit list.

If Bloom and his staff are looking to add a list to the to-do list, the to-do list stands out as an obvious potential target. Wacha and Hill are not far from a comeback, but the latest chris sel Injury to the team may lead to consideration of rotation promotions. Meanwhile, both the base field and the right field have been problem areas throughout the season. Adding a corner racket or two to boost lineup depth would be a reasonable goal. The Sox haven’t tilted their hands too much about which direction they plan to take, but either way, it looks like the fan base can count on the Bogaerts staying short for the final few months of the season.

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