New York Yankees News: The Rationale for the Andrew Benintende Trade

Fangraphs | Dan SzymborskyWhy was the Yankees’ first final trading move the Andrew Benintende swap? The stadium needed some stability despite Aaron Judge’s MVP season. Joey Gallo is no ordinary player at this point, so the team needed another starting player there, especially given Giancarlo Stanton’s current injury. Even considering that Benintendi hasn’t been vaccinated against COVID-19 (he indicated he might get it now), the team has only one series in Toronto, and the odds are not in favor of the two playoffs if the Yankees maintain their grip on the split. With the team faltering recently, it’s a simple decision to swap Gallo for a player who can’t be changed and who is going on a year into his career.

New Jersey Advance Media | Brendan Coty: One of the pleasant surprises of the season has been Judge’s consistent playing time in midfield, where his excellent defensive skills add more to his value when combined with his powerful racket. However, the acquisition of Benintendi means Judge will spend more time in the right field, according to manager Aaron Boone. This is to protect him from potential injuries as the playoffs approach. Aaron Hicks will see more time center field, rather than left. Judge has spent some time recently with a sore lower body, and any IL stay for him would of course be a huge blow to the team overall.

New Jersey Advance Media | Brendan CotyBenintende improves the team, but he’s not the big fish Luis Castillo would be for this team. The Yankees have a strong interest in Cincinnati ace, but the front office appears to be in no hurry to get a good deal before Tuesday’s trade deadline. Selby Castillo is in great need of a team that has been underperforming at the start of the tournament lately and Luis Severino lost time due to another injury. Seeing him go to Houston or Toronto would feel somewhat disastrous, but the Reds won’t stop the suspense right away, it seems.

Sports Illustrated | Emma Batcheleri: SI went through what 30 teams were likely to be looking for before the trade deadline. The Yankees’ needs are very clear – in addition to a strong starting bowler like Castillo, Bolpin’s help is being called upon following the end-of-season injury to Michael King. Even with Benintendi now in the fold, some center player depth couldn’t hurt to hedge against injuries to Stanton, Hicks or Josh Donaldson.

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