Living Proof Bond Complex Review: What I Think of a Hair Treatment

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I’ve been dying, treating twice, and straightening my hair since middle school. For this reason, I’m used to hairstylists who don’t subtly point out that my locks could use some major TLC when I’m sitting in their chairs. Listen, ladies, I get it. But I need the bleach and my hot tools!

Because of my unhealthy hair practices, I tried and tested practically every conditioning treatment and serum repair. At this point, I have a graveyard of empty hair care bottles in my trash. But honestly, a lot of these cult-favorite treatments have left my hair heavy and greasy. Most of the time, my hair feels comfortable and soft the night I shower and use it, but by the next morning it’s back feeling brittle or looking messy. Then by the time I put the heat on, the strands feel rough again. It’s an endless frustrating cycle that I didn’t think it was possible to break – until now.

I’ve finally found a bouncing treatment that works with – not against – my hair habits, and leaves my strands feeling silky for days.

It should come as no surprise that my favorite hero product comes from Jennifer Aniston’s brand Living Proof. Known for their wide range of smoothing creams and dry shampoos and granules, the brand takes trichology seriously. Rather than inventing new treatments as quickly as possible to stick to trends, her team of scientists spend all the time needed to achieve a treatment that meets their very high standards. Such is the case for our newest and biggest product, the Triple Bond Complex Serum.

Knowing that consumers like you and me deliver results quickly, Living Proof wanted to do the impossible: Create a treatment that repairs damaged hair as quickly as possible in the fewest steps possible. And in this case, treatment does not just mean conditioning during use. When you use the Triple Bond Complex Serum, you will get results that last for at least a week.

Here’s how it works:
Living Proof Complex Triple BondCourtesy of Living Proof.

Triple Bond Leave-In Hair Treatment

Living Proof’s Triple Bond Complex creates new bonds in the hair follicles to strengthen and treat our locks. It not only helps rebuild damaged strands, but also protects them. All you have to do is apply 2 to 3 pumps of the treatment to your clean, damp hair once a week, leave it on for 10 minutes and then apply heat – yes, heat! On your hair.

When you add heat to the equation, it essentially locks in the hair straightener so it stays put forever. Now, when you’re doing your weekly hair blowout, you can do so knowing that the heat you’re using isn’t hurting your hair, it helps them. How is this for innovation?

This treatment makes hair eight times stronger, according to the brand, and doesn’t wash out the next time you shower. Made with a blend of patent-pending lipids and peptides that protect your hair from heat and UV damage, a biomimetic blend that smoothes hair fibers and makes your locks shinier and softer, and a sealing agent that helps style hair when styling. He. She.

Moreover, it helps color the hair for a longer time. What can this remedy not do?!

Living Proof Bond Complex

Courtesy of Living Proof.

I’ve been testing Triple Bond Complex for over a month (so I’ve used it once a week for a total of four times) and my hair has completely changed. It feels softer, stronger, and smoother. Right after the first use, I could feel the difference in my locks. I used my go-to Revlon hair straightener and was shocked when the typical flyaways and flyaways I used to flatten and smooth. I haven’t changed anything about my routine other than adding this treatment to it.

The treatment retails for $45 for a 45ml bottle and $20 for a 15ml bottle (so you can save money for a larger bottle) and will definitely last up to a year. After all, you’ll be using a few pumps once a week. It’s worth every penny, in my opinion. My hair has completely changed its look and feel. Before trying Bond Complex, I thought my locks would always look and feel like straw. But now, I feel like one of those women in a shampoo ad with my gorgeous shiny hair blowing in the wind.

In fact, I was shocked that I haven’t caught a glimpse of one yet.

Travel size proof of living

Courtesy of Living Proof.

Triple Bond leave-in hair treatment in a travel size

According to Living Proof, stylists prefer this treatment over other popular treatments, and I feel the same. It is a lot simpler to use and continues to work even after I wash my hair after a few days. With other popular treatments, I have to keep using them whenever I wash my locks to see and feel results, but with this one, I don’t have to worry about using it daily.

I love using this remedy on Sundays for self-care so I can start the week looking and feeling great. Let’s be honest, nothing makes you feel better than a head full of beautiful hair.

No matter your hair’s texture, color, or length, you’ll be able to use this treatment and feel the results. I mean, just look at the before and after pictures.

Living Proof Bond Complex

Courtesy of Living Proof.

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