iOS 16 wallpapers are always ready for your iPhone 14 Pro

At this point, the iPhone 14 Pro rumors are pretty strong when it comes to the new screen, which is expected not only to have a new design but also to support an always-on mode. And while previous versions of iOS 16 already had multiple references to the new Always On mode, system wallpapers have now been updated to take advantage of this new technology.

If you are not familiar with the always-on display, this technology allows the system to continue displaying some information on the screen like the clock while consuming very little battery power. Some Android smartphones already feature always-on displays, while Apple Watch Series 5 and later have the same technology as well.

Even before WWDC 2022, Bloomberg Mark Gorman has already reported that iOS 16 will be ready for the new Always On Mode, which is Expected to be exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro models. That’s because this year’s models will get a new variable refresh rate display that drops to 1 Hz per second. As a result, it should consume less power than current displays.

9to5Mac I found multiple references to support Always On Display in iOS 16, confirming all the iPhone 14 Pro rumors. There is even an internal mode that Apple uses to test the iPhone 13’s Always On Mode.

iOS 16 wallpapers ready for permanent viewing

When it comes to Android smartphones with an always-on display, the feature works in almost the same way among all of them. You get a black screen with the clock and sometimes widgets. With the new lock screen in iOS 16, it’s becoming quite clear that the iPhone is likely to take a similar approach. However, Apple may be working on something beyond that for the iPhone 14 Pro.

Based on iOS 16 beta 4 internal files, 9to5Mac Found that system wallpapers are now ready for the new always-on display mode. As we explained earlier, iOS 16 no longer uses still images as wallpapers. Instead, the new backgrounds are multi-layer vectors rendered in real time.

Now, in addition to the normal vectors, the original backgrounds (such as the default background and the recently added clown fish wallpaper) also have a new state called “sleep”, which contains very dark and faded elements. The wallpapers in this case are very similar to the Apple Watch faces with always enabled.

Once the user turns off the iPhone 14 Pro screen, the wallpaper will switch to the “Sleep” version. We were able to reproduce the new behavior, which you can see below:

Basically, it looks like Apple will replicate the same effect from the Apple Watch on the iPhone 14 Pro. This means that users will still see their wallpapers somehow even when the screen is off. The wallpaper will be displayed in full brightness as soon as the user taps the screen or presses the power button.

Of course, on a real device, the clock and widgets selected by the user will also be visible when the screen is “turned off”.

More about iPhone 14

Apple is expected to introduce four new iPhone models this year. However, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be the only ones with a faster chip and a new screen design with a bead-shaped notch rather than a notch. It’s also rumored that this year’s Pro models will get a 48MP wide-angle camera capable of shooting 8K video.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will also get the biggest front camera upgrade in years with a new larger aperture F/ 1.9 lens and AF for better low-light performance.

For regular iPhone 14 models, it should rely more heavily on the current iPhone 13 with minor camera upgrades, larger batteries, and 6GB of RAM instead of 4GB. The most notable update to the mid-range lineup this year will be the replacement of the “mini” model with a new 6.7-inch “iPhone 14 Max” screen.

New iPhones are likely to be announced this fall.

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