Giuliana Pena on Amanda Nunes’ rematch win: ‘I’d hit her eyeballs if I had to’

Juliana Peña and Amanda Nunes verbally quarreled at the UFC 277 press conference, but didn’t escalate physically as they squared off for the cameras.

According to Nunes, Peña’s tough talk was a ploy to get over her skin, and she just didn’t have it.

“Honestly, it’s a strategy,” Nunes said Thursday in Dallas, which is hosting a pay-per-view event on Saturday at the American Airlines Center. “She does whatever she wants. I feel like she knows what she’s doing, and I have to be on my mind.”

That mindset was even more nourishing for Peña, who seemed to take great pleasure in fanning the crowd at the expense of her opponent during the 45-minute event. The UFC bantamweight champ took several shots at the former champ, and appears to have had more success with the crowd than Nunes.

Peña smiled and gave me what I told you when the Nunes became defensive because she admitted to “accidentally” entering a training while 30- Death. The bantam champion has twice accused her opponent of spying on her.

If Peña is mostly quiet, or simply “weird” on the set of reality shows, there’s no doubting that she’s promotional on Thursday.

“Fedor Emelianenko has auras, Mike Tyson, Dana White, they have auras,” she said. “I don’t know about that aura you’re talking about with Amanda Nunes. I don’t see it.”

Nunes tried to ignore attempts to sink her, and took the second match as a test to make the necessary changes in her preparation and execution on fight night.

“Everything she does is up to her,” she said, “so I’m focused on getting my belt back.”

When asked about the prediction of the fight, Pina paused the matter further.

“I’ll punch, kick, pull her hair—I’ll punch some, and I’ll cut her eyeballs if I have to,” she said. “I will literally do everything there. Believe me when I say I am ready and willing to die. Whatever it takes, I will do whatever it takes.”

“Let’s literally hope none of that happens,” UFC president Dana White interjected with a laugh.

“And I’ll be there ready to be better than her,” Nunes replied. “You’re really going to encounter a ‘lioness’ you didn’t see last time, so I’m ready.”

Nunes remains a strong favorite despite her surprise loss in the first meeting with Pena at UFC 269. Pena joked early on that with the second win, the MMA world might actually put some respect for her name. In the meantime, she will be a true believer in her abilities.

She said, “I’m a real lion, it’s lion season, so pack up.”

“There’s only one lion in the woods, and that’s me,” said Nunes.

“That’s what I said last time,” Peña replied.

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