FaZe Swagg & NICKMERCS claim that Kilo is back in the Warzone profile

The Kilo is one of the most famous weapons in Warzone history although it has not been usable for quite some time. This is set to change as Kris ‘FaZe Swagg’ Lamberson and Nicholas ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff claim the gun is back to its best.

Warzone players have been asking big buffs to knock out Modern Warfare weapons for months and got their wish with Season 4 Reloaded. Many Modern Warfare weapons including the beloved Kilo have received buffs to increase their survivability.

After testing the new and improved Kilo, top players FaZe Swagg and NICKMERCS considered it once again to be a descriptive assault rifle in Warzone.

Kilo’s biggest weakness was the damage drop, and the weapon balancing changes in Season 4 mitigated this problem by increasing the weapon’s minimum damage, all while removing the average damage drop.

Although the NICKMERCS video revealed that “The Buffed Kilo is meta again,” the operator explained that the Kilo was still being outdone by the NZ-41 on a map like Caldera: “When you hit the NZ area, you get f*****. ”

Meanwhile, in a video highlighting Kilo’s changes, Swagg explains that with the mid-range damage drop removed, the weapon can return to its former glory: “It’s really good up close and mid-range too.”

While Warzone players have been active in seeing these major changes improve Kilo’s viability, many have been wary of continued damage reduction in the long run. This ties into Swagg’s comments about the weapon being excellent for close and mid-range, but not so much at long range.

The comments in the Reddit post above fully agree with Swagg that Kilo is now the perfect assault rifle for Warzone minimaps like Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep.

Unfortunately, the significant drop in damage at long range will prevent Kilo from being a top assault rifle when it comes to a caldera game.

In the words of one player, understanding what makes Kilo viable is the key to better weapon use: “Kelo has been using Kilo all last night at birth. He was ripping! Right, on the big map, after going through the damage drop, it would be awful. As long as you’re aware Its strengths and weaknesses, Kilo will definitely return to the list!”

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Image Credit: Activision / NICKMERCS / FaZe Swagg

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