Dak Prescott Building Towards a ‘Golden Year’

“(Chad) showed me a video of the press conferences – my press conference, Zeke – and kind of a videotape to make sure we reflect that and put it in our minds,” Prescott said. (Cornerback) Anthony Brown broke up the group yesterday (in practice) and mentioned it too.

“This feeling is such a bad feeling, and it’s a feeling when you think about it, you want to go to work. And you want to do everything you can to make sure you never feel that way again. That’s what we’re here trying to do.”

Prescott does his best to lead the way through the offense transmission,

During the five-week break between junior camp and training camp, he and a few skill cowboys went to Miami to build chemistry on the field and camaraderie off the field.

This process is continuous. Case in point was the six-pick Prescott that Brown threw into opening camp training on Wednesday while searching for rookie receiver Galen Tolbert.

“It was a great learning moment for Tolbert and for myself,” he said. “For that moment to happen and happen so early and be able to talk about it and say, ‘Come back to me – it won’t happen again’, these are the things you are experiencing now. This is growth and this is the mindset you want to hear from a young man.”

On a personal level, Prescott improves all aspects of his game, including the basics of footwork and throwing from different angles of the arm. That process slowed last year due to his rehab from an ankle injury in 2020 and then a strained shoulder in the first week of camp 2021.

“I’m just trying to stack the good days on top of the good days, and get good rhythm and good sync with these takers and these guys and guys who have to get up and make plays,” he said. “It’s been two great days so far.”

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy has always thought an offense should be built around the quarterback. As he said on Thursday, “Defence wins trophies, but quarterbacks won the Super Bowl, if you look at that statistically. That’s my opinion. That’s how I see the journey about how the team prepares and what the team needs to look like.”

“I think he (Prescott) is a guy who is exactly what you’re looking for because he’s always working to improve across the board,” McCarthy said.

As the quarterback, Prescott is well aware of the traditions of the team in this position. He says he is “trying to fill the place of those men who came before me and are doing something for this organization that hasn’t been done in a long time.”

Time passed quickly. Prescott is already entering his seventh year with the Cowboys. Friday is his twenty-ninth birthday.

“Golden birthday,” he said. “I plan this will be the golden year.”

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