Coach Todd Bowles says Tampa Bay Buccaneers center Ryan Jensen could be out for months with a knee injury

TAMPA, Florida – Buccaneers center Ryan Jensen is expected to miss months after injuring his left knee during practice Thursday, coach Todd Bulls said Friday.

The hacker is waiting for the results of the MRI before deciding how long Jensen will stay.

“We don’t know how dangerous that is, per se, but I know he’s going to miss some important time, up to two months,” Bowles said. “Whether he comes back later in the season, November or December, depends on what they find. But he won’t be available any time soon.”

Jensen was injured during team stint Thursday, with the entire team huddled around him before he was taken off the field.

“He’s really our enforcer when you think about it, with our crimes,” Mike Evans, one of the wide receivers, said of Jensen. “What a great man, great fellow. He brings such energy. I pray for him and his family. We will definitely miss him… We will miss him very much.”

Bowles said the pirates would look for Robert Hennessy or Nick Leverett to climb while Jensen was out. Bowles said the team has also discussed bringing in a veteran position, but he should be fit.

“It’s going to be a tough fight – they’re both very smart, they’re both very tough, so it’s better to happen now more than halfway through the season so every player can get some coaching reps and get ready for it, and I think either one will be fine,” Bowles said.

Hainsey is a 2021 third-round pick from Notre Dame who switched from right tackle to center last year, and saw action in four games with 29 offensive shots with Blaine Gabbert.

“The way Ryan handles every day and every game is the mentality that he’s the worst guy on the field,” Heinze said. “And he usually is.” “Being that guy, you see him throughout the games and I know you guys like to talk about it, but being in this locker room and I think in locker rooms all over the NFL — it means something and carries a certain level of respect.” The guy who won’t let you get away with anything.”

“I’m not Ryan Jensen, that’s not what I’m trying to be. I have to be myself. But that chip on his shoulder he’s playing with — if I was there, I think I’d want to get a little bit more of that personally because I owe it to him, and everyone else out there.” I owe it to him to continue this existence to the kind of man and the kind of player that is on the field.”

Leverett is a 2020 non-Rice free agent who has spent significant time on the coaching staff and learning to support all five offensive line positions. He started against the Indianapolis Colts last season in the right guard position, seeing two games aggregate.

“It’s always hard to see a teammate fall back – especially Ryan Jensen,” said Leverett. “He’s my role model. He’s a great captain and he’s a guy I really look up to.” “I love the way he plays, I love the way he studies, I love everything he does. For me, just seeing him go down – it affected me emotionally. But I know Ryan, I know how hard he works at everything and I know he’ll be back soon.”

Jensen, 31, agreed to a three-year deal with the Buccaneers in March – becoming the first free-pirate to re-sign this off-season and among the first quarterback Tom Brady to report his decision to return. He’s just surrendered Kessin in the 2021 regular season and post-season together and has produced a 93.1% win rate of center position – the regular season and playoffs combined – in the past two years to protect Brady.

Jensen joined the Buccaneers as a free agent in 2018, and he’s gone from guard to center, with 4,518 shots in the center more than any offensive lineman since 2018.

The Buccaneers’ offensive line – one of the league’s strongest offensive line with Brady – has seen a lot of change this year, with right-back Alex Cappa losing to the Cincinnati Bengals in free agency and left-back Ali Marbet until retirement.

Originally drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the sixth round of the 2013 draft, Jensen appeared in 100 appearances with 90 appearances in eight seasons.

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