Walmart slashes prices: Here are the best deals

As supply chains recover, Walmart finds itself with excessive inventory. NBC News quotes Neil Saunders, managing director of GlobalData, as saying, “There are (pricing) problems in clothing, home furnishings, furniture and, to some extent, electronics. Those three areas are going to be the areas where you’ll see the most discounts.”

CNN reported that Walmart’s price cut may be a sign of slowing inflation. The price cuts are expected to continue through the remainder of the year.

Walmart isn’t the only store dropping prices. The Wall Street Journal reported that Target had a stock issue as well and would cut prices to sell their merchandise.

Quarter-carat diamond belt

Nine round brilliant-cut diamonds arranged in a row on a yellow gold strap. this is 1⁄ 1 carat ring sparkles brilliantly and can be worn alone or with another ring.

It was originally priced at $299, and is now listed at $137.

FREE COLLECTION Women’s midi midi dress

This midi dress features a chic bodice and a square neckline. Available in four different colors and located just below the knee, this cotton dress with slightly puffed elastic sleeves can be worn with clogs, sandals or even trendy sneakers.

It was originally priced at $36, and is now listed at $23.

Justice Girl T-Shirt

This floral waist t-shirt is spring, summer or even early fall options for girls. With peach flowers written on it “Quiet, Mindful, and Gratitude”, it can be teamed with a skirt, jeans or shorts.

The original price was $17, and it’s now listed at $6.80.

Vacmaster Professional

The Vacmaster Professional is a HEPA Certified Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner. It features a powerful and quiet motor that exceeds the requirements for HEPA efficiency.

The original price was $249, and it’s now listed at $99.

cold press juicer

Blend fruits and vegetables in this juicer to make a homemade smoothie. This quiet juicer features anti-clogging mechanisms and can extract juice from a variety of fruits and vegetables.

The original price was $239.99, and it’s now listed at $69.99.

Blackstone tray

This Blackstone Grill with Electric Air Fryer Lid can sear, roast, fry, bake and air fry your food. It has the ability to cook up to 2 liters of food and is powered by propane and plug.

The original price was $497, and it’s now listed at $397.

APP . mill

This APP treadmill has 12 preset exercise programs and can reach an incline level of 15%. Delivered within 2 days from the Walmart website.

Original price was $1239.98, now listed at $619.99.

Leesa Spira 11″ Full Size Mattress

This 11″ full size mattress features two layers of foam and over 1,000 active springs. This hybrid mattress provides a balance between comfort and support.

Original price is $1,599, now listed at $1,399.

Canon EOS Rebel T7 Camera Kit

This camera set comes with a camera, pouch, two lenses, long life battery and more. This set is the perfect starting kit for budding photographers.

The original price was $749.95, and it is now listed at $559.95.

Refurbished Apple MacBook Air 13.3-inch

This laptop is included in the package with a headphone, case and wireless mouse. The device has been tested and proven to work.

The original price was $269.99, and it’s now listed at $219.

Lenovo Chromebook with Headphone

This Chromebook comes in a bundle with a headset. The battery lasts 10 hours and has built-in wireless protection.

Listed at $198.96.

HP Chromebook

This HP Chromebook is a Student’s Guide. It can survive soda splash or fall off the desk. Comes with a webcam and can be controlled using HP Classroom Manager.

It was originally priced at $199, and is now listed at $98.

Apple 12 iPhone

The Apple iPhone 12 features a Super Retina display, built-in privacy, and night selfies. The phone has an internal memory of 64 GB and 2 cameras. It features the widest 5G coverage worldwide and the highest video quality of any smartphone.

The original price was $879, and it is now listed at $591.26.

Sony 55 inch smart tv

This TV comes with Google Assistant and Google TV, which means you can stream hundreds of thousands of shows using your voice to tell the TV what to play. Connects with Apple 2 to seamlessly stream shows with AirPlay 2.

Original price is $1,104.95, now listed at $598.

To find other deals for products you may need, check out Walmart’s Deals for Days page.

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