Twitter’s new “status” feature is now being tested

Yes Twitter, what's going on?

Have you ever thought, ‘I’m about to tweet, but it’s not enough for self-expression. I need to tell the internet how to truly Feel?” If so, you’re in luck – perhaps. As long as your true inner feelings align with the options in Twitter’s new Status feature, which is currently undergoing testing. The concept was glimpse It was leaked earlier this year, but it appears to be paying off now.

“For a limited time, we’re testing a feature that allows you to add a status topic from a predefined list to your Tweets to provide more context for your followers,” Twitter told Gizmodo. in the current situation. “So whether you’re about to drop a hot thread of tweets, share your thoughts, or have a bad Monday, your tweets can better communicate what you intend to do.” Yikes / Cringe.

The social media platform has been testing and introducing all kinds of seemingly ill-advised new features in recent months. From Co-author tweets to me circles. But status updates might be the most confusing addition.

This potential future feature allows users to add an emoji and a short phrase to posts. Currently, there are no custom states, only about 16 preset states to choose from, According to the shots Posted on the site. For example, you can tweet top-notch content like “Ugh, more work deadlines” along with a “State of Monday” status to embody the water cooler vibe. Or you can telegraph your “unpopular opinion” even louder.

This Gizmodo writer’s personal favorite: ChangeThe description, very unnecessary, rack style for the space, looks like a bug: “current status.” Like, what does that even You know? Isn’t it obvious that every tweet is in essence an advertisement for an individual’s current situation?

Twitter is just a site for people to post and post links to articles they haven’t read, make “some personal news…” ads, and put up false things like “Anyone else worried about the collapse of modern society???” What else could the status convey and not share? people already?

But I digress. Each tweet among test users can getThe status update and its statuses are displayed below the user’s process and above their actual post. Ephemeral Twitter status (unlike, say Live Journal Mood), attached only to the tweet dedicated to it, and then evaporates into the mist of the Internet.

Twitter screenshot

However, while it’s not that moody in Live Journal, the status feature definitely feels like a blast from the past. It reminds us of an earlier era on the internet when AOL instant messenger Statuses, Messages Away, and myspace rein in. In a way, it’s so retro it’s almost refreshing. social media sites, Twitter includedThey try hard to imitate their current competitors.Mostly tik tok). So why not take a look back to move forward?

“Spoiler alert” Perhaps, “soon” we will all be “living the dream” if the state feature passes its test and is in everyone’s feed.

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