Eddie Jackson Gets Matt Eberfloss Furious In Latest Practice

Eddie Jackson thought he knew what to expect in the 2022 season. It didn’t take long for his world to be turned upside down. He couldn’t stay on his great season in 2018 anymore. Expectations for him are much higher for several reasons. One was the departure of every other veteran Chicago Bears defense captain, including Achim Hicks, Danny Trevathan and Khalil Mack. This compresses him to climb into place. Then came the arrival of Matt Eberflus.

The head coach didn’t utter words when he took over in January. The standards were going to change with him in charge. This means that each player on the list will be required to submit at least 100% in each game, regardless of practice or game. If the coaches see that a player is not giving that, they will be called up. On the second day of the training camp, the defense discovered that Eberflos had given them ears during rehearsals.

One player fell for the worst of it. Jeff Berks of the Windy City Gridiron was present at the training. He has seen Eberflus lying in Jackson to slow him down during a play. As mild as the trainer is usually for the cameras, the bear safety seems to have got the “big boy” sound.

Eddie Jackson received the message.

That should have been a wake-up call for Jackson. Matt Nagy was never known for partnering with players like this throughout his time with the team. This is probably why so many little bugs haunt them during close matches. This will not fly with Eberflus. Jackson seemed to get the message. Later in practice, he picked Justin Fields through a slash pass from Nikil Harry’s hand. After the exercise, the safety recognized that this type of approach by the coaches was essential. Everyone buys in.

This is a great year for Eddie Jackson. Two seasons in a row have gone unchallenged. This is not a good thing in a takeaway-based defense. He will turn 29 in December and still be the sixth-highest-paid safety in the NFL. GM Ryan Pauls has already offloaded several veterans that he deemed too expensive. He couldn’t do the same for Jackson due to salary cap issues. That will change in 2023 when he’s released with a post-June 1st appointment, earning them $13 million.

No more excuses.

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