Barcelona cannot force Frenkie de Jong to cut wages

La Liga president Javier Tebas has warned Barcelona that they cannot force Frenkie de Jong to cut wages.

Barcelona have been undergoing an “economic levers” program this summer as they try to stabilize the ship financially.

This included selling a percentage of their La Liga TV rights and signing a lucrative sponsorship deal with Spotify.

Despite these measures, reports indicated that Barcelona may still struggle to score new signings Robert Lewandowski and Ravenha. As a result, they were exploring the option of cutting De Jong’s wages – who had already agreed to defer more than £17m of his earnings.

However, Tebas warned that La Liga would not allow this.

Tebas said via sports.

And from there Barcelona knows the rules and responsibilities.

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De Jong has been strongly linked with the move to Man Utd this summer, and 90 minutes Understands that the two clubs have broad agreement in place. However, the issue of the Dutch player’s deferred wages and the midfielder’s desire to stay at Camp Nou caused the deal to stall.

Tebas has also been questioned about whether he thinks Barcelona will be able to score new signings, even if De Jong is not sold.

“They know what they have to do – I think they still have a little work to do but they are on the right track,” he added.

“Ask Barcelona. I can say they know the rules very well and they know very well what they have to do. They still need to do it, but there is still time.

“They sold 10 per cent of their TV rights for 207 million euros. Then they increased that stake to 25 per cent which I think gives them about an additional 350 million euros.

“That will be 500 million euros and I think they have another third lever of about 200 million euros. With that and if they can convince some players to leave, that explains the possibility of these signings.

“They’ve been able to sell assets, which they need, and reduce salaries – that’s what allows them to sign off.”

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