This clever racket racket technology will eliminate alignment issues forever

The Bloodline VALE racket can stand on its own.


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Do you suffer from alignment problems on the greens? If so, the Bloodline VALE racket might be just what your game needs.

This stick features technology that allows the racket to stand on its own on green grass, giving you the perfect opportunity to read the beat. And the See where you are aiming. Additionally, the racket design brings the balance point from two-thirds of the way down the shaft to the bottom of the head. This feature allows you to swing the club more freely with little to no face manipulation.

The best part? All of this technology is completely legal under the rules of golf. Put it all together and you get a unique racket that will see you send more hits to the center of the cup.

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File Potter (HPP)


The Vale PUTTER is the latest addition to the innovative BLOODLINE GOLF range of products. PRODUCT DETAILS VALE HPP CONSTRUCTION Head High Performance Polymer (HPP) Grooved face part with a blend of materials Designed for modern golf balls Ultra-light carbon fiber shaft and EVA grip Patented tip, sole and balance point design Result: Butter that has years of alignment time Optimized as it stands alone in the title position Feel and Roll can meet the requirements of Tour players.Confidence and consistency will help you get more label features. Gradual head shape surrounds the ball and the target line is back The insert face is tuned to improve performance, feel, and roll. Position visible from the rear Block characteristics are realized from a combination of a multi-material chassis and an internal weighting VALE HPP CONSTRUCTION Head High Performance Polymer (HPP) Grooved face attachment with a blend of materials Designed for modern golf balls.Ultra-light carbon fiber shaft and EVA grip featuring head design Patented balance point and sole Result: Fruit like years ago Optimal alignment as it stands alone in title position Feel and roll can meet the requirements of touring players. Optimum Progressive shaped head surrounds the ball and target line at the back The insert face is tuned to improve performance, feel and roll. Viewed from behind, the mass characteristics obtained from a combination of a multi-material body and internal weight GRIP OPTIONS Parallel 1.0 (st andard) – ultra-lightweight performance with EVA parallel profile with plush casing. black. *Maximum stability for independent alignment Tour Pistol 1.0 (proto) – Ultra-light performance with EVA pistol shape with plush casing. black. A combination of stability and a more defined shape. *The initial version of the Tour Pistol is slightly less stable than the Parallel 1.0 for independent alignment. The prototype version may not hold up in some configurations including >34″ and flat lies. Additional Benefits Back alignment provides similar benefits as using a line on the ball. Viewing from below the goal line improves ability to make accurate readings Single racquet increases repetition in hand position and stability setting allows player to release tension in hands and arms just before starting swing *Satisfaction guaranteed 100% BLOODLINE’S 100 DAYS WE ARE SO CONFIDENT that our bloodline rackets will help you become a better racket! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the racket to us in good condition and we will refund your purchase price. Ask for your day

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