The twins bring back Miguel Sano from the list of injured

The twins announced on Tuesday that they had brought back their first baseman Miguel Sano From the list of infected 60 days. the left Danny Colombia Transferred from IL for 10 days to IL for 60 days in order to unlock a place on the 40-player roster, while an outside player Gilberto Celestino Triple-A St. Paul to open a place in the active list.

Sano, 29, got off to the worst start to his career with the Twins earlier this year when he kicked off the season with a disastrous .093/.231/.148 batting streak in 17 games and 65 games. That dismal start came despite a modest improvement in the still-high strike rate (32.3%, down from 34.4% in 2021) and a whopping 52.9% rate. Sano hit once at home and hadn’t had a multi-hit game of the season before injuring his knee during an elusive celebration. He eventually underwent surgery to repair a meniscus tear and missed May and June as well as most of July.

Because it’s in the final season of a three-year, $30 million contract and because the twins have received solid lead production. Alex Kirillov And the Jose Miranda In his absence, it seemed for a while as if Sano might not have a place on a waiting list for him upon his return. However, Sano eliminated his junior league opponents during the rehab job, hitting .333/.422/.795 with five home runs and three pairs with only 45 plate appearances. He drew six tracks, punched dozens of times, and even passed a base all the way.

That show was enough to give Sano another chance despite the slow start, and it couldn’t hurt his case that the now-chosen Celestino fizzled out after a solid start to the season. The 23-year-old Celestino was basically serving as a fourth defensive player anyway, returning his last multi-stroke attempt on June 14. In 57 games since then, he has only made .148/ .193/ .222. Celestino still provides pace on the bench and elite defense across the field, so he can still provide value even if he’s not hitting. For now, the utility factor will be Nick Gordon Serves as a primary backup for Byron Buxton in the center area.

Sano is back in the Twins lineup today, but the former clean-up hitter was dropped to ninth. With Miranda hitting .313/.358/.531 in 137 plate appearances since his last unders call and Kirillov hitting .301/.339/ .456 in 112 plate appearances since his last call, Sano’s understanding of the first twins’ base gig seems weak at present.

Kirilloff and Miranda are capable options on first base, and with Buxton, Max Kepler And the Kyle Garlick abroad in addition to Jiu Orchila As an option in the third rule, both Kirilloff and Miranda can be used as regular options in alternating between their respective positions and the DH point. Sano’s case is supported by the fact that the catcher Ryan Jeffers He came out six to eight weeks after breaking his thumb and stress Gary Sanchez From frequent DH to starting catcher, but the fact remains that the twins have options should Sano’s struggles continue. As the secured portion of his contract nears its end, it becomes more and more rewarding that they can simply move forward if he can’t patch the ship.

All that said, the Twins will be hard-pressed to find a lineup upgrade greater than what a healthy and effective Sano can bring to the table. Sano’s .223/.316/.466 hitting streak from the 2021 season isn’t exactly dominant, but that includes a similar disastrous start to the one he worked on earlier this year. From June 4 onwards—coincidentally or not, at the time the MLB sent out its infamous memo regarding the bowler’s use of Spider Tack and other foreign materials—Sano hit .251/0.330/.503 with 21 hits and 21 pairs in a period of 373 appearances. painting.

The Twins have a $14 million club option in Sano for the 2023 season — which comes with a $2.75 million purchase. It’s hard to see this option being chosen as it is right now, but after a huge few months a slugger could change the equation.

Moving a Colombian to the 60-day list of the infected is largely a formality. He first hit RL with a hip impingement on May 11, came back one day in late May, and came back on IL days for 15 days with the same hip problem recurring the next day. He’s already been in IL for 15 days for 60 days anyway, so this switch doesn’t at all affect his ability to come back if he goes back to the point where he got medical clearance to do so. However, Colombian has not yet started a minor league rehabilitation assignment. In a 49 1/3 round with the twins dating back to 2020, Coulombe has a 2.92 ERA and a 45 to 19 K/BB ratio.

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