The original Apple 1 computer prototype created by Steve Jobs up for auction

A historic computer prototype once owned by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has been auctioned.

The 1976 prototype – dubbed the Apple 1 – was welded by co-founder Steve Wozniak, according to RR Auction – a Boston auction house.

Jobs reportedly presented the Apple 1 to Paul Terrell, the world’s first personal computer retailer.

Rare STEVE JOBS memory, items from Apple assets up for auction

The Apple 1 demo is said to have taken place at Terrell’s computer store called The Byte Shop, in Mountain View, California, and the Terrell demo led to the order of a fully assembled computer that would later sell for $666.66.

In the end, Terrell placed an order for 50 Apple 1 computers.

“This was the biggest single episode in all of the company’s history,” said Wozniak, the computer engineer who designed the Apple 1 and Apple 2:

“Nothing in later years was so great and unexpected,” he told R.R. Auction.

1 rare apple, signed by Steve Woznick, can be worth 400g

Apple has gone on to become a multi-billion dollar technology company with a market capitalization of $2.47 trillion.

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The current owner of the Apple 1 prototype has not been named, but RR Auction reports that an anonymous seller acquired it from Jobs about 30 years ago.

RR Auction said the prototype was soldered onto a “unique ‘Apple A computer’ printed circuit board identical to Polaroid photos taken by Terrell in the 1970s.”


“The current state of the board gives insight into Jobs’ judgment of it: he saw the prototype not as something to be dedicated, but as something to be reused,” the auction house wrote in its product listing. “Many integrated circuits were extracted from their sockets, as were the microprocessor and other components, presumably for use in early production Apple 1 computers.”

Although the prototype is missing pieces and has visible cracks in the upper right, RR Auction said the new owner of the computer can recreate the components based on photos taken by Terrell.

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The prototype auction will close on Thursday, August 18, at 7 p.m. EST.

RR Auction estimates that the prototype has a value of $500,000. So far, 15 bids have been submitted.

Apple 1 prototype from Steve Jobs

The Apple 1 prototype has experienced mild wear in the past five decades. (Photo courtesy of RR Auction/Fox News)

“There’s no Apple 1 without this prototype board – it’s the holy grail of Steve Jobs and Apple memorabilia,” said Bobby Livingston, executive vice president of RR Auction, in an email to FOX Business.

As of Monday, July 25, the main bid is $278,005.


Auction RR spoke at length about the Apple 1 in June during an episode of “Sale History” on Fox Nation.

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