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The Qatar World Cup 2022 is approaching and the expectations are very good in all respects. The most profitable sector will be the tourism sector, and hotels are already preparing to receive thousands of fans. In addition to Qatar, neighboring countries will also be immersed in the process of travel, and Emirates Airlines, for example, is preparing to occupy almost all hotels.

“The FIFA World Cup will have an immediate impact on the region Where neighboring countries will benefit as major transit hubs with effective connectivity and advanced accommodation options,” Jay Hutchinson, president and CEO of Rotana, told The National News.

Dubai hotels will be close to full occupancy during November and December and tens of thousands of tourists will stay there to travel to the football stadiums. It is estimated that some hotels will be fully booked with fans traveling from the city to Doha to watch the matches.

“The upcoming World Cup in Qatar has created an atmosphere of optimism in the tourism sector“With the increase in hotel bookings in the UAE for the period of November and beyond,” Varun Ahuja, Director of Sales, Aloft Dubai South, said.

Moreover, with few hotels in Qatar, the Emirates will host a large percentage of fans and reservations are already high. “With little or no availability in Qatar, we’re seeing a lot of interest,” says David Allen, General Manager of Radisson Hotels. “Reservations are made for 50 to 100 people at a time,” He completed.

These football fans come from all over the world, But the most popular are from the places where the football industry is traditionally exploited to the fullestsuch as Spain and Germany, and above all, from many South American countries such as Argentina and Brazil.

Photograph: Edgar/Reuters Qatar Airways Airbus A350 XWB

Dubai is a great choice due to its proximity to Doha and tourism in the city will be at its best. Fans have already booked all kinds of accommodations, such as campsites, hotels, cruise ships docked in the area, Airbnb apartments, etc. And the few that are left are already too expensive or booked.

The city is also preparing to accommodate fans in certain areas so that competing fans do not cause problems. Experts direct tourists to certain areas so that they do not gather and cause scandals and fights. The Emirates want everything to be peaceful and passionate about football and do not want any inconveniences.

Extensive arrangements are also being planned in hotels and around the city for fans to watch the matches. Fan-only areas with giant screens have been created for everyone to enjoy the tournament.

Fans choose UAE cities for their proximity to the action. The nation is indeed one of the best options and many tourist routes to Qatar depart from there. “With the announcement of connecting flights to Doha, the UAE is a great choice for football fans who are visiting Qatar and want to explore the region on a larger scale,” said Kim Iskandar, vice president and commercial director for the Middle East, Africa and Turkey region at Hilton Hotels. This is the case with Air Arabia or flydubai, which will offer more than 45 daily flights from Dubai and Sharjah to Doha.

“The recent announcement of the cooperation of several Gulf airlines to offer daily connecting flights to Qatar for visitors will allow fans to stay in cities like Dubai and travel during the day, Ensuring a busy season for the entire region,” Hutchinson said. He even claims that several hotels have already arranged shuttle buses to take fans to nearby airports to fly to Doha.

The United Arab Emirates is set to become a major tourism hub this year. According to Colliers’ predictions, The country will see a 19% increase in tourism during the World Cup months compared to the same time last year, and up 77% for the year as a whole.

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