SolForge: Fusion, a new card game from the Creator of Magic, coming out in September

Stone Blade Entertainment has announced that SolForge: Fusion, a new hybrid physical/digital trading card game from the developers of Magic: The Gathering and Ascension, will be released on September 22 of this year.

SolForge: Fusion is a sequel to SolForge, a digital-only trading card game that was released in 2016 and eventually closed in 2019. Designed by Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering) and Justin Gary (Ascension Deckbuilding Game), this sequel combines Both physical cards and a digital game to create a card game that can be played in person and remotely over the Internet.

Originally funded by Kickstarter, the game is now almost ready to go and will be available in stores from September 22nd. The basic premise of SolForge: Fusion is for players to “fuse” half decks together to create a complete deck of cards. These cards are also “computationally generated”, with the goal of ensuring that “no SolForge: Fusion decks are the same”. Stone Blade hopes this will prevent the classic card game problem of players copying decks with high win rates.

The SolForge: Physic Chest and Cards. Image credit: Stone Blade Entertainment

Half of the decks and booster packs will be available in physical form, and these cards can then be scanned into SolForge’s online database for use in online battles. The digital aspect of SolForge, with an official website and leaderboards, will be done via Tabletop Simulator.

SolForge Fusion is the culmination of more than a decade of development from Richard [Garfield] “Players can customize a truly unique squad to create a unique and engaging experience every time they play, whether in person or online,” said Justin Gary in a press release.

“Combining two groups of procedurally generated half-floors provides an easy way to customize your group, and greatly expands the possibilities of the group.” Richard Garfield said. “And creating cards by merging two halves together yields more than 15,000 possible cards in the first deck alone, more than were created in the first 20 years of Magic: The Gathering!”

SolForge: Fusion will be available to play at GenCon 2022 August 4-7, where playable courses and tournaments will be held. More events are planned for PAX Unplugged and other agreements.

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Matt Purslow is the UK news and features editor at IGN.

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