Quickly unlock MultiVersus achievements with custom matches

MultiVersus is now released in an open beta, and players have discovered that its most complex achievements can be unlocked faster with custom matches, making completion more manageable, even solo.

MultiVersus’ achievements often take the form of a cumulative that asks you for very specific things, from scoring lots of double KOs to getting hundreds of projectiles. The good news is that all of these things can be obtained more easily in custom games, where you can invite friends to come as training dummies with which you can make progress in achievement, and you can also add super easy bots if you want to just play solo.

How to unlock MultiVersus achievements faster with custom games

Depending on the achievements you’re after, you’ll need to tweak the settings accordingly – if you’re just looking to increase the number of matches quickly, set it to 1v1 and drop the KO target to 1, then either finish quickly or just have one player come out on the side to finish it immediately . Having said that, you’d probably be better off finishing with bolts and projectiles to make more efficient progress on the relevant achievements for those at the same time. For more specific missions you might prefer to make things last longer, or need a second opponent if you want double kills… The bots can be quite erratic trying to piece together this particular mission, so you’re better off trying to sling some friends. Just make two opponents stand on the edge and a simple tap should knock them out, bringing you 1% closer to your target. Note, however, that while custom games are great for quick achievement progression, you won’t earn gold or character mastery for playing them, nor will you advance in your active challenges or Battle Pass. As such, it’s worth playing regular matches to start with, at least to get a favorite character in doubles so you can boost it up a bit with a full set of perks. This can also be done in regular matches against bots, which can be played solo (left tab of the Play menu for bot modes), and all achievements can be achieved there as well… Use matchmaking, even when loading solo. Also, local multiplayer games don’t seem to count for progression at all, so no second control tricks here.

If you’re looking for people to help you accelerate your MultiVersus achievements, watch our gaming sessions for like-minded participants, or consider setting up one yourself. Other than that, hopefully this helpful tip will help weed out what is otherwise a somewhat crunchy slateā€¦ Tell us how you get on!

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