Projected depth chart for FSU Football’s offense en route to camp 2022

With Florida State Soccer’s pre-season training open on Wednesday, here’s our predicted two-depth chart of the Seminole offense.

Obviously it’s impossible to know how things will change after several weeks of training, but that’s what we think things might look like at the start of camp.

Note: This endeavor is particularly difficult this year because the Seminoles offer a lot of transfers, especially in the offensive line and in the wide receiver. We also go with 12 positions in attack to count the different formations in running back and receiving.

Tuesday comes: Scheme of projected depth of the Seminole defense.

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rear quarter

junior redshirt Jordan Travis

redchit student Tate Roadmaker

Suspension: For the first time in a long time, the Florida State Soccer Team comes in an undisputed season starting in the middle. Jordan Travis set a record 5-2 in his last seven starts last season and will be the Seminoles’ attacking captain in 2022. Rudmaker will enter camp as the obvious No. 2, but is heavily promoted as a true freshman. AJ Duffy He showed a lot of talent during his first spring on campus and could compete over time.

running back

redchit student Trishawn Ward

redchit student Lawrence Toafelli

running back

redchit student Trey Benson

redshirt student CJ Campbell

Suspension: Head coach Mike Norville will sometimes have two or three runners on the field together, and he’s not shy about dividing them wide. So, it’s hard to isolate an exact depth chart from the rear, but we think Ward and Benson would be two top-backs, with Toveli in third. Rodney Hill.

wide future

big redshirt Ontaria Wilson

redchit student Jackie Douglas

reception aperture

junior redshirt Micah Bateman

big redshirt Keyshawn Hilton

wide future

A student in his second year of study Owner McClain

redchit student johnny wilson

Suspension: This is the position that may see the most competition — and deep blues competition — on the entire team. We’ll give the initial advantage to McClain and Ontaria Wilson as the first team to rely mostly on last season, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Douglas or Johnny Wilson appear and claim these roles. And when he is healthy, Winston Wright Jr. It will almost certainly demand a novice job.

tight end

big redshirt Camryn McDonald

junior redshirt White Rector

Suspension: FSU prides itself on a great deal of experience in the position, and the Seminoles also have many talented youngsters vying for playtime, including sophomores. Jackson West And the Markston Douglas.

left intervention

redchit student Robert Scott

big redshirt Gasstone Torrentin

Suspension: Scott is a left-back and almost certain he will lead the center, but the Seminoles have some experienced transfers that could provide depth, including a South Carolina Ternitine transfer. It wouldn’t be a surprise at all if Scott and Torrentine ended up as starters during the season.

left guard

big redshirt Dylan Gibbons

redchit student Thomas Schrader

Suspension: Gibbons is a returning starter in the left guard and is likely to be the leader of the entire site group. If Shrader is healthy, he can jump to a higher backup role. If not, junior student Bryson Estes Or a second year student zain herring He can run with the second team.


redchit student Maurice Smith

big redshirt Kayden Lyles

Suspension: Those numbers would be an excellent fight between Smith, a returning player who gained 288 pounds, and the Wisconsin Lyles transfer. Smith has the advantage in knowing offense and speed, but Lyles is a formidable force at 6-35 pounds.

The right guard

redchit student Darius Washington

big redshirt Dimitri Emmanuel

Suspension: This spot should be wide open by fall, but Washington could be a leading candidate after playing most of the time so far in his college career. Emmanuel began to interfere and guard during his time in Charlotte, so that he could also compete in this position or in the intervention.

correct intervention

junior redshirt bless harris

big redshirt Dimitri Emmanuel

Suspension: There should be quite a bit of competition for this position as well, with Harris, Emmanuel, Turnetine and Washington all being potential candidates. What happens here could determine which of these four moves inside to guard, and it’s very hard to predict because three of the four are in their first year in the program.


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