Nier Automata players lose the game because of the secret room that no one can enter

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Yoke: automatic Players collectively lose their minds because of the room. And it’s not just a room: no one, apparently except for one, was able to get into it. Even the player who discovered the room doesn’t seem to know how to enter it, which makes the whole thing very confusing.

It makes a certain degree of meaning that Yoke: automatic It’s still full of secrets, given that the base game, the action RPG from PlatinumGames, is mysterious enough in its own right before you get into the fan-intervention chaos. First released in 2017, Yoke: automatic He asked you to play through it multiple times to unlock its many endings. Also, you can see one of those endings By eating a fish. Strange game!

Yesterday, modder and dataminer Lance McDonald Post a clip on Twitter Show a player entering a room in the copied city, an area in the Yoke: automatic It is famous for its Bavarian architecture and the absence of colour. MacDonald wrote, “No one else found out how they were able to reveal this secret door.” The video has garnered more than two million views on Twitter. Here is the original:

While the secret is currently being blown up on social media, the whole thing has been going on for about two months, prompted by an encrypted series of Reddit posts by user Sadfutago. (Sadfutago did not respond to KotakuComment request.)

“Hello, how do you open the church?” , sadfutago Wrote On the incredibly r/NieRFanart subreddit (190 members) a month ago. Hey I’m new to reddit and I want to know how to open a church in Nier’Automata [sic]. “

No one answered.

A month later, Sadfutago Repost the same queryThis time Yoke: automaticLowest standing (19,000 members) dedicated subreddit. The players were suspicious but cooperative.

“Can you describe the building you’re asking a little more about? There really isn’t a ‘church’ that I can remember,” someone wrote. “I don’t think you can enter any building in the copied city. We will need some screenshots,” another replied. Sadfutago asked if there was an image button on Reddit, then shared a link to a page on Imgur, the popular image-sharing platform, which Show two screenshots From Yoke: automatic The protagonist A2 stands in a chapel with little decoration – a place not known about before in the game.

No one answered.

Sadfutago then moved on to the non-specialist primaries (168,000 members) yoke subreddit string, Post the videofilmed vertically with a mobile phone, showing the location of this church: the back wall of the courtyard used as the chief fighting room of the AutomataCopied city level. The clip is completely cut off when A2 enters the room.

People responded this time, but many of the most prominent messages focused on questioning the authenticity of the clip. One person[ed] BA. Another noted that the footage shown so far has been thin: The two shots are framed in an appropriately ambiguous perspective, with one clip of the video evidence being cut off when Just The right moment, and why was the video shot via mobile and not, say, game capture software anyway?

During the weekend, Sadfutago Post a video Which closes all those queries. Over the course of 45 seconds, A2 enters a waiting room, descends a multi-story ladder, and wanders down a gray corridor that leads to LotRTwo double doors behind the church.

Some skeptics have raised the possibility that this is all a very sophisticated modification, but, as MacDonald noted on Twitter, Yoke: automatic Environmental modification to this degree is not allowed. Plus, Follow clip It contains unheard dialogue from A2 – not the kind of thing modifiers can easily get hold of. Anything is possible, of course, but there It is very small chance because this discovery is the result of a modification. This morning, yoke Producer Yusuke Saito weight on twitterwriting, “Eternal secret …”

This latest discovery comes nearly two years later Yoke: automatic Players discover the “ultimate” secret of the game. Last January, designer and data worker Lance MacDonald cracked open What was then believed to be the game’s “ultimate” secret: hidden cheats buried in the game’s code that essentially allow you to skip straight to the end. Yoke: automatic Director (and prominent clown) Yoko Taro suggested that it was the last thing players didn’t discover in the game, opaque writing “Three years and 10 months” on Twitter – referring to how long it’s been since Yoke: automatic went out. an official Automata Twitter accounts also said The “ultimate secret” has been found. yokeIt was widely accepted by the community that MacDonald had already found the ultimate secret of the game.

Turns out: No.

Much like how players The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild They are still making new discoveries –Unlocking ‘Impossible’ ChestsAnd the Supercharged Custom WeaponsHalf a decade after its release, Yoke: automatic It has proven to be a wellspring of great discoveries. I’m glad the players haven’t finished clicking on it yet.

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