Nier: Automata player stumbles into a secret room, and sends the community on for a ride

A Nier: Automata player has found a secret room in the game that has remained undiscovered since its launch in 2017.

The discovery was made by reddit user sadfutago and has data selectors at a loss as to how to make it happen.

some spoilers For Nier: Follow Automata.

NieR: Automata end of YoRHa’s release

User sadfutago initially posted reddit screenshots of the church area asking if any other players were able to find them because their friend couldn’t.

They have now posted a new video of how to get into the church precinct, apparently recorded from the PS4 version of the game.

It takes place in Copied City, a late-night gaming zone that the secret character A2 visits as part of the third gameplay of the game.

The player fights ordinary enemies before reaching a secret door that leads them down a long ladder and into a twisted corridor. It is interrupted before reaching the church.

Many in the game community assumed this footage was fake, and may have been played on a modified version on a PC with a PS4 console. The discovery has not yet been repeated.

But, as prolific data expert Lance MacDonald noted on Twitter, the community isn’t yet the game that way — significant changes to the map aren’t possible (yet).

“One person single-handedly building a genius leap in Nier mod secretly just for a joke versus Taro Yoko who has even more obscure secrets?” Question a commenter on reddit.

In fact, the game’s “ultimate secret” was discovered by MacDonald in 2021 and confirmed by Nier’s Japanese Twitter account.

Is this an extra secret that the game director didn’t know? Or is this really fake, but created with some cool mods?

Eurogamer has contacted Platinum to confirm.

Nier: It was recently confirmed that Automata will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, in its latest Direct.

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