MLB rumors: Red Sox not discussing Xander Bogaerts or Rafael Devers deals; The Cubs will probably move Ian Hap

There is only one week left until the MLB 2022 trade deadline and all eyes are on national genius Juan Soto. Cardinals are seen as the most likely candidatesanyway More than a few clubs have the incentive to seal a deal. Here are the Tuesday trade deadline rumors as we wait for the latest developments from Soto.

Red Sox not discussing Bogaerts, Devers

“Despite losing 13 of their last 17 games and losing three games behind a wild spot, the Red Sox are not in business discussions involving Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers,” said team boss Sam Kennedy during an interview with WEEI.Across Boston Globe). Specifically, Kennedy said there was “no discussion or communication internally or externally” about the trading of the two local team stars.

Devers, 25, is listed with a hamstring strain and will remain under team control as a referee-eligible player in 2023. He refused to extend the contract in spring training – the two teams were said to be “too far” – and the Red Sox figure to take another shot at extending it this winter. Trading Devers sounds crazy, but remember that this is the same team that traded the Mookie Betts after they declined the extension.

As for Bogarts, he could pull out for the last three years and have $60 million left on his contract after the season, and he is widely expected to do so. The 29-year-old has full no-trade protection. The Bogaerts have played more games at Shortstop than anyone else in Red Sox history. Keeping him on the deadline and extending it seems to make sense, although it’s unclear if the team will do what it takes to keep him.

Cubs are likely to trade with flame

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There is a lot of interest in Cubs defensive player Ian Hap and the team is likely to trade him, according to an ESPN report. The 28-year-old was the first All-Star this season and, Thanks to improved connectivityHe’s enjoying his best season ever. Happ has also settled as a full-time left-footed player after spending most of his career moving between positions. He is not rented and will remain under the control of the team until 2023.

Assuming Soto is Plan A for each team, Hub numbers are Plan B for most teams because he offers an extra year of control and more power than Andrew Benintende, the best hired player. The Hub Market may not start moving until the Soto future is settled. Soto is the type of player who puts everything in wait to get it. Teams don’t want to give up on prospects of acquiring Happ only to know they would have had a chance at Soto had they waited a little longer.

Murphy attracted interest

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Athletics catcher Sean Murphy is attracting commercial interest, according to The Athletic. Cubs Backstop Willson Contreras is the best mask on the market, but is rented, while Murphy will remain under the control of the team until 2025 as a player eligible to referee. It is also the best defensive mask. Murphy can help the team win now as well as win later.

As intended, the A’s have the worst record in the MLS, and they are likely to trade the right Frankie Montas before the deadline. Good little hunters are hard to find, but Oakland already has a Murphy replacement in Shea Langeliers, who tears Triple-A after coming on Matt Olson’s trade. The hold is poor across baseball and the character A has no shortage of suitors for Murphy.

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