Minka Fitzpatrick will be placed on the NFI list, and Tyson Alwalo will start camp in the Indigenous Peoples’ Party

The Pittsburgh Steelers sustained two injuries at the start of training camp. As Mike Tomlin announced during his first bootcamp press conference, FS Minkah Fitzpatrick will start the year on the non-food injury list, with a wrist injury. NT Tyson Alualu will start the year in PUP due to knee swelling.

“Minkah will be put on non-food items,” he said. “He hurt his wrist on vacation. I think he fell off a bike. That’s going to create some discomfort in the short term, but I don’t expect it to be an issue with the overall course of his development and his place in this group and the availability of the field and things like that. It’s just going to create some discomfort for him. In the early stages of this Tyson Alualu was put on a PUP He has a slightly swollen knee on him, possibly due to overtraining Similar discussion as Minkah We don’t expect it to be significant from a long-term perspective, but it will create some discomfort here in the early stages We’ll watch These guys. There are some other people who have simple things that will be managed from the delegates’ point of view, but it won’t affect their appointment in terms of participation.”

As Tomlin pointed out, he believes both players are not dealing with long-term injuries. But Alualu’s situation looks more precarious given his age and the ankle injury he sustained at the end of the season in the second week of last year. Alualu is looking to provide good reps in the middle of the Steelers defense, something they lacked without a year ago, which propelled the Steelers to a 32nd place finish in defense. Alualu will be in Active/PUP, which means he can break out of it at any time during bootcamp.

Larry Ogunjobi will not start the year for the PUP although Mike Tomlin says the team will take it slower at the start of the summer. He came out of a foot injury he suffered in 2021 after the 2021 season which caused a long-term deal with Chicago to fail after he failed in his body.

He’s coming out of surgery, Tomlin said. “We’re taking precautions because he’s new here and new to us. To get to know him, we’ll continue to work carefully until we have a better understanding of how his body works so that we don’t fall backwards as we go along. So I won’t read too much into not being involved.”

Update (5:35 PM): The moves are now official.

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