LIV Golf to display the landing and ascent championship

LIV Golf will borrow a page from the English Premier League football rulebook.

As first reported by, the bottom four will be relegated to the LIV standings for the duration of the 2023 season of the league. Three players will proceed through a qualifying tournament billed as a “promotions” event, while fourth place in the 48-player league will go to the winner of the Money List for the LIV International Series, which will be jointly signed with the Asian Tour and LIV Golf.

This will provide a place for players like former US amateur champion James Payot and Andy Ogletree, who committed to LIV early on but struggled to get started with notable scoring names, to work their way up to the top level and play for lucrative portfolios during the 14-event schedule.

Starting next season, when LIV Golf expands from eight this season’s events to 14, the league will begin tracking the standings over the course of the season and issuing points to the top 24 riders in each of its events.

The report indicated that some team leaders and some players may be exempted from relegation based on their contractual agreement with the league. Also, the captain of the team has the right to essentially separate a player from his team and look for a replacement.

The series, funded by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, has long been criticized as a way for the kingdom to launder its human rights record. Saudi Arabia has been accused of widespread human rights abuses, including politically motivated killings, torture, enforced disappearances, and inhumane treatment of prisoners. Members of the royal family and the Saudi government have been accused of involvement in the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and columnist for the Washington Post.

The ‘Promotions’ event is expected to start with a course of 80-100 golfers and be played over three or four days with a possible 36-hole finale. The landing promotion vehicle can help LIV Golf make its case for the official golf world ranking points as it provides a way for players to earn their way to the LIV based on merit.

Excluded players in his version of Q-School include:

  • Number 2-32 on the Money List of the International Series, which is part of the Asian Tour

  • The main winners from the last 5 years.

  • Amateur Champions (American Amateur, British Amateur, Latin American Amateur, Asia Pacific Amateur, NCAA Champion)

  • Top 75 in the Official World Golf Ranking

  • Previous year’s PGA and DP World Tour winners

  • Any player relegated from LIV Golf in the last two years

  • Members of the last Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup teams

The venue for the promotions event has yet to be determined and is expected to be announced by the end of the current LIV season in late October.


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