Ithaca Golf Club is looking for a small hotel and apartments with “revitalization”

ITHACA, NY – It’s no secret that the golf industry has been in decline in recent decades. Prior to the sharp rise in the number of players during the “social distancing” of COVID, for which the long-term impact on interest had yet to be determined, the number of active golfers in the United States had fallen 22 percent since the early 2000s, and 200 golf courses, Many of them are private country clubs, which have been failing every year.

That same foreboding air lingered around the Country Club in Ithaca. Located at 189 Pleasant Grove Road and spanning the town of Ithaca and the village of Cayuga Heights, membership and revenue have shrunk dramatically compared to the high-water mark fifty years ago, and club membership has declined locally since the 2000s. The 2014 Ithaca City Comprehensive Plan extensively researched “what if” scenarios for redevelopment and guidance in the event of a shutdown.

But in the past two years, there has been a renewed sense of optimism. For example, since 2021, the golf club has come under new ownership and a new name – local CEO and longtime club member Sean Whitaker purchased the property and named it “RaNic Golf Course”, after his two sons Rachel and Nicholas.

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