I worked at Sephora – you don’t want to do these gross things in the store

This is a beauty hack you weren’t expecting.

A former Sephora employee has revealed things you wouldn’t do as a beauty store customer — and some of them are more disgusting than you think.

In a TikTok clip that has now gone viral and has racked up more than 727,000 views, makeup artist Sarah Palmera shared her valuable insights as a former employee.

“I will never use any makeup remover or cotton buds on my actual face when I’m in the store,” the influencer, who has more than 858,000 followers on TikTok, said in the video. “My job was to refill the makeup remover and add more cotton rounds when we closed and we never cleaned the container the cotton rounds went in or sterilized the container the makeup remover went in.”

Citing a “lack of time” to disinfect stations in the store’s sprawling aisles, she advised her viewers to “think about bacterial growth” and perhaps rethink using remover on their faces.

Her advice included never using store-bought makeup remover on your face and testing color-blend foundation in natural light.
TikTok / @sarahpalmyra
TikTok about Sephora cleaner
“Think of bacteria,” she said of makeup-removing stations that haven’t been disinfected before.
TikTok / @sarahpalmyra

“I’m not going to buy a foundation anymore just by matching the color in the store without first going out and checking that the match actually works in natural light,” she continued, blaming fluorescent lighting.

She also said she would not buy any of the “little clothes” – sample-size products found on cash registers.

She added, “These are really aesthetically pleasing but they are terrible value and usually not worth the money.”

Palmyra viewers didn’t seem to be shocked by what she revealed, and some even disagreed with them, saying they swear by the mini products.

“Little mascara usually lasts about as long as regular sized mascara…You’re wasting a lot of dry mascara on the big mascara!” Books one from Sephora Ordinary.

Super Tik Toker Dishes Sephora
She added that the small products sold by cash registers are not worth the cost.
TikTok / @sarahpalmyra

“I buy small clothes that I can easily repack for travel, and then I refill them with my full-size products,” said another, offering easy travel advice.

“Yes, the foundation I realized the first time I bought a foundation. Always ask for 3 samples. Someone commented what you think matches, one lighter, one darker.”

“Do people use that on their faces?” Another asked about makeup remover. “I used it on my hands after pregnant but that’s it.”

Meanwhile, another ex-employee walked in, saying they would never use “testers” on their faces after seeing “things people did.”

Viewers were so excited to hear more from Palmyra that she created a follow-up video with 1.9 million views, imagining more of the store’s best hacks for a better shopping experience.

You always ask for pre-made samples behind the counter, in-store product demos and won’t “ignore” the Sephora Collection’s in-house, which contains affordable scams for high-end products.

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