I was involved in a golf “accident”. Now I want to hear your words.

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obscenity of me. obscenity of it. An obscene gesture on my part. A lewd gesture from him.

Then he continued his seventeenth hole, and was placed in the sixteenth hole.

Difficult scene, isn’t it? But before we go any further in telling you about this exchange of sums, you should know a little crackle. I have my opinions and I enjoy sharing them, but if we don’t agree, I still think we can break the bread then. To illustrate this kindness further, I once had a co-worker who, in a moment of nervousness for him, yelled at me, “Is there anything bothering you?” – which I remember saying, “Not really.”

But this happens. clearly.

Charles Schwarzl

Masters Club. But the strange thing was in the beginning.


Nick Piastovsky

With that, we’re going out to Van Cortland Park in the Bronx, New York on Tuesday, and the main thing you need to know about this story is that Fanny welcomes all comers. And to that point, consider this incident in front of me and a friend on the fifth hole. A duo was walking down the lane when a ball from the adjacent fourth fell about 100 yards in front of them – then the ball player hits his shot from there on a straight line toward the duo. Good things.

Only, this guy joined us. (To be clear, he stopped while we waited at 5, we said he could play, he said he could play with us, we insisted on playing, and he said he would play with us.) And we all went. . Then we got to 16.

The 16 has a high tee, then lowers, and then climbs back up for 280 yards or so. So it takes some pop to get close, at least for me. And you have to keep up. The duo appeared to be located within yards of the green. If all of this sounds like a defense of my actions, it is. So I’m upset.

ball rolled – rolled Within 10 yards or so of a player.

Then he came back.

He rotated 90 degrees to his left.

And hit my ball in the woods.

Matt throws all his team during the second round of AT&T Byron Nelson.

Every one of the epic club throw died after shooting a poor man’s hideout on Friday


Josh Beerhau

“Wait,” I said to my friend, “is he just…”

My friend said, “Yes.”


“Do you want to go up and ask him about it?” my friend asked.

At first I laughed. Then it’s just kind of nibbling. So when we got close to the green, and they were on their 17th tee, I drove.

“Hey, did you just hit my ball in the woods?”

“Yes, this is the third time you guys have hit us. Enough of that. [obscenity]. ”

“Dude,” I said, “It’s our The first time, we have no idea who the guy is with us, my ball rolled In short from you, which is Van Cortland Park – you need to know this [obscenity] is happening. ”

“It was close enough,” he said.

I said, “I want a ball.”

And this lasted a little before we said goodbye with what I indicated in the first paragraph.

I should have screamed fore. or not hit at all. Or let it slide. But… it happens. I’m a little embarrassed about all of this. Despite the apparent lack of frustration; I will not tell you this story. And this is where I need your help.

You, dear golf reader, have stories about hot events, about dust, about colorful language and colorful characters.

Much, much better even. I’m sure about that. And I want to hear them.

So send me an email at [email protected] Or send me a Twitter DM at Tweet embed. Give me all the details.

I promise I will not respond with words or gestures.

I’m usually nice.

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