“He talks to us like big men.”

Doug Pederson is entering his first season as head coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and he’s already doing something right: not to be Urban Mayer.

It’s hard to describe the current state of the Jaguars, but “recovery” may be the right word after the most disastrous coaching employee in recent NFL history. Not only did Meyer’s squad not look fit for the NFL in his one season, but he personally seemed unfit for a whole new league to him.

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Nobody knows this better than Jaguar players, and it shows. Like when Josh Allen Jaguars Pro Bowler discussed what was new with Pederson on the head with reporters on Tuesday.

Basically, Pederson treats his team like professionals. From Jaguar:

“It’s nice to be part of a professional locker room. Not just in the locker room, but when you talk to the coaches. It’s a professional place. You have to focus on the details. If you don’t listen to the details, they don’t get to you, they tell you what.” It is right and what is wrong.

As men and adults, we need to understand this and put it in a way that we can understand and grow. It doesn’t beat us, it lets us know what’s real. He talks to us like big men.”

Allen Meyer was not mentioned by name, but it is not difficult to guess anyone, on the contrary, he did not treat the Jaguar like big men. This was one of the criticisms leveled at Mayer throughout his 13-game National Football League (NFL) career, and especially after that.

Not only was Meyer known to treat his big professional players like the amateurs between the ages of 18 and 23 he used to demand, he was also He went to a bar instead of going home with his team after a losswaited days to address his team while changing his story in the fallout, allegedly kicked his player Josh Lambeau, scolded his assistants – all of whom have more NFL experience than him – as “losers” and repeatedly threw his players and coaches under the bus while speaking with the media.

Doug Pederson has 13 years of coaching experience in the NFL and 13 years of experience as an NFL player when he was hired by Jaguar. Urban Meyer had zero. (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Doing all of that while going 2-11 would result in a brief career in the NFL. Meanwhile, Pederson went 42-37 in five seasons as head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles and won the LII Super Bowl in 2018. His tenure with the Eagles may have gone badly, but no one can accuse him of not knowing how the union locker room worked. American football.

And at this point, that’s all Jaguar cars are looking for.

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