Google Play Store got a new logo [Updated]

The last time Google changed the Play icon was in 2016 when Play movies, TV, music, newspapers, and magazines were still coming to life. After more than six years, the Google Play Store has got a new logo.

Update 7/26: Following the official announcement of the 10th anniversary yesterday, the new logo has been published on (but not its favourite), as well as the developer’s website. It should better reflect the “magic of Google and match the brand it shares with many of our useful products – Search, Assistant, Photos, Gmail, and more.”

Blue (#4285F4), Red (#EA4335), Yellow (#FBBC04), and Green (#34A853)

Of course, most users will encounter it when updating the Android app and changing the home screen icon.

Update 7/16Additional evidence that Google Play has a new logo comes from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We see the more rounded triangle with updated coloration at much higher resolution, although it is still somewhat blurry. The company officially describes it as:

The sign consists of a triangle formed by rounded corners, divided into four colored sections; Blue is shown on the left; Green appears at the top; Yellow is shown on the right; The red color is shown below.

original 7/6: Before the 2016 redesign, which also placed everything in triangles, the icon had more shades.

The new Google Play logo is still triangular, but note how the corners are more rounded compared to the current logo. Meanwhile, the four colors used closely correspond to Google’s four colors, which is the obvious trend and commissioning of recent renovations. However, we can’t help but notice how the silent and dark code compares to other first-party services.

The blue and green are certainly less vibrant, while the interior section has been modified so the portions are more evenly sized. Today, the blue triangle is large in size compared to the other three components.

current vs next

Only a low-resolution version of this code is available today. It can be found in both GPay and Google Pay – soon Wallet – when you make a Play Store transaction, such as adding credit to your account, as a merchant code. No clear indication of when it was updated.

It’s not available anywhere in the Play Store or app, which have just been redesigned. This would have been the perfect time to reveal it.

At this point, it’s not clear when Google will present the new Play Store logo. Google Play has just removed the Movies & TV tab, while a possible exit from Play Books to make the Play Store focus entirely on Android apps ultimately makes sense. Meanwhile, the fate of “Play” in Play Games is somewhat more solid given the huge rush of Android games on Windows. However, the future of a custom Android app is not fixed.

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