GM will fight misinformation about electric vehicles with its video chat hotline

CEO Doug Houlihan presents the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV SS.

CEO Doug Houlihan presents the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV SS.
picture: General motors

Before large segments of the public are ready to accept electric cars, they will need to understand them. This is not the easiest problem to solve. Last year I contacted some agents across the country and Asking a few questions as a completely oblivious shopper; While every salesperson I spoke to was generally positive and never tried to nudge me toward a petrol-fueled car, they struggled to answer more nuanced questions, and some even admitted that their staff had yet to receive training on relevant models.

So, perhaps it is a good idea then that General Motors chooses to take matters into its own hands with a new initiative called EV Live A website a bit like a modern day hotline, where potential owners can chat face-to-face or in groups with real experts, to ask questions about electric vehicles. Normally, any type of communication with manufacturers like this wouldn’t normally cross our radar, but the knowledge gap for electric vehicles is something every automaker has to work together to close, and as long as people actually benefit from it, it could be something like benefit.

EV Live kicked off Monday with guided personal tours, where product specialists will show you one of GM’s electric vehicles while answering your questions. You will be able to see and talk to the expert or text with him, but he will not be able to see you. The tours are broken down into different categories, such as home charging, battery information, and how to use public chargers. Eventually, the company said GM plans to add group rides and pre-recorded sessions In a press release.

Screenshot of my solo tour around shipping.

Screenshot of my solo tour around shipping.
screenshot: Jalopnik / General Motors

The site is live nowThose interested are free to move to the next available session or schedule a session at a later time. I spoke to a specialist named Steph about charging on the go for about 10 minutes, and the experience was friendly and helpful. Guides carry smartphones on a selfie stick and tour a studio with vehicles and a range of charging equipment you might use at home or come across on the road; There are also illustrative mockups, to unpack the Ultium architecture and battery technology.

I asked Steph about the difference between Level 1, 2 and DC fast charging, and about the ramifications of fast charging often. Steph explained that the Ultium software throttles power delivery by more than 80 percent to Limit temperature and pressure on the battery, so no need to worry. Regardless of long-term skepticism, this answer Conforms to official GM claims about fast chargingSo it was good enough for me. The specialist also sent me a link to Plugshare siteand thoroughly recommended its search filters.

Of course most of the conversation on EV Live will center around GM’s lineup, but the service is still a decent resource for general EV education. The GM studio even had a CHAdeMO plug on hand, to simulate what you would see at a public station, although none of the current battery electric vehicles use this method.

In the end, you’ll still go to the showroom to buy a Hummer, Bolt, Blazer, or whatever you have. But in terms of education about electric vehicles and answering these burning questions, EV Live seems to be a very powerful resource, with individuals likely to be more familiar with electric vehicles specifically than most salespeople. that’s good. It’s important for people to learn, regardless of the forum. Probably GM’s biggest challenge is getting the word out, so people already know how to use it.

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